Next Gen Styrd helps you run at the right intensity

Better than relying on heart rate monitors

Running at the right intensity is the key to making good progress whether you want to burn fat, increase cardio fitness, or improving your speed. Monitoring heart rate using a dedicated heart rate monitor or a smart watch is how athletes try to stay at the right intensity during training. The problem with heart rate is that it is not in sync with how hard you're actually working. For example when you are sprinting, at the the start your heart rate is still low while you are already at maximum effort.

Styrd presents an alternative to relying on heart rate by tracking running power instead. There is no virtually no delay with running power because it tracks effort directly based on your impact, force, and acceleration. It even takes into account wind resistance to adjust your power output.

Apart from power Styrd tracks your cadence, elevation, pace, ground contact time, stride length, and more. You can check your stats on a smartphone or get alerted on when to slow down or speed up in real time by linking it to your smartwatch. The smartphone app comes with training plans that adapt to your ability and fitness. On race day Styrd can guide you to your best performance by providing a customized race plan based on the race course, weather conditions, and your level of fitness. Training plan and race-day real-time pacing is part of Styrd optional membership. Styrd plus six months of membership right now is $299 and you can still use it without membership.

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