Necksaviour Mini – neck pain relief without medication

necksaviour mini neck stretch

Gentle Neck Stretch

Neck pains can be extremely uncomfortable. 

In most cases, neck pains occurs due to muscle strain and poor posture.

If you don't have symptoms other than pain and stiffness, the necksaviour Mini can be a good option for relief.

The necksaviour Mini is mostly for people who spend a lot of time looking down on their phones, working on their laptops, driving, or other activities that strain the neck.

Designed by physical therapist, Wes Marshall, the necksaviour Mini gently stretches your neck and restores it to its natural position while you relax.

To use it, simply bend and place under your neck while you lie down. To get a strong stretch, bend the necksaviour Mini with the dark side in and the other way to get a slight stretch. Choose either one based on the way your neck feels with each.

necksaviour Mini vs Full-size

Because it's called the necksaviour Mini, there's a obviously a full-sized version.

The full-sized version of the necksaviour is now called the necksaviour Classic or the necksaviour Original. It used to just be called necksaviour (without the classic or original) and was not as successful on crowdfunding sites as the necksaviour Mini. 

The Classic is slightly bigger than the Mini and offers 4 options for your neck instead of 2:

  1. short neck and light stretch
  2. short neck and strong stretch
  3. long neck and light stretch
  4. long neck and strong stretch

Even though the Mini is only 30% smaller, it makes a difference for most people when it comes to portability and storage. Plus it's cheaper and has less options you don't use.

The original retails at £39.95 and the Mini is £29.95.


  • Simple to use
  • Light and strong stretch option
  • Portable
  • Pain relief without medication
  • Simple to use
  • Relaxing


  • Not for all cause fo neck pains
  • No option for long or short necks


Most people don't have a neck relief option for when they have neck pains. The necksaviour Mini is great to have around in case you need it. It doesn't take much space and it could  well be worth having even if you don't foresee using it much because you rarely have neck pains. People who have frequent neck pains should be seeing the doctor anyway instead of relying on necksaviour.

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