Navigate Any Terrain: The All-Weather, All-Terrain Forsake Wild Sky Mid

Stylish, sustainable, all-terrain adventure footwear

As I lace up my Forsake Wild Sky Mids, I feel the tangible echo of the vast terrain they represent. The adventurous soul of Wild Sky, WA, beautifully encapsulated in a pair of boots that seem more than ready to take me anywhere I need to go. They aren't just another pair of shoes, they're a trusted companion for anyone wanting to venture out into the untamed world and explore the obscure corners of this marvelous planet.

The first thing you'll notice is the blend of heathered textiles and premium leathers that marry rugged functionality with a sense of effortless style. And, believe me, the style isn't just skin-deep. These boots possess a depth of character much like the layered landscapes they pay homage to. Waterproof, breathable membrane ensures dryness and comfort, while gold-certified full grain leather upper ensures durability and aesthetic appeal.

Now, let's talk about the all-important inner workings of the Wild Sky Mid. A footbed created with 20% BLOOM, an algae-based product, isn't just paying lip service to environmental sustainability. It's actively contributing to it, returning clean water to habitats and cleaning vast amounts of air. This makes you feel like you're part of the solution, not the problem.

The experience of wearing these boots is akin to strapping a pair of terrain-conquering beasts to your feet. They're lightweight, yet sturdy. The compression EVA midsole, optimized for shock absorption, coupled with a composite shank, supplies the perfect balance of cushioning and torsional rigidity.

As for the outsole, the aptly named Peak-to-Pavement® rubber is designed for supreme traction, whether you're scaling a craggy mountain or pounding the urban jungle. From the aggressive grip underfoot to the gusseted tongue and taped seams preventing moisture leaks, these boots are engineered for adventure, whatever the weather or terrain.

Recycled PET laces and liner and 100% recycled wicking mesh linings with anti-odor treatment further underline the commitment to sustainability, while offering a practical solution to the sweaty-footed among us.

At 35 ounces and a height of 5 inches, with a heel to toe drop of 10mm, they strike a balance that’s hard to come by, making them the perfect companions for all-day adventures.

The Forsake Wild Sky Mid is more than a waterproof sneaker boot. It's an invitation to the bold, a beckoning to those who long for the unexplored, and a trusted ally for those who find comfort in the uncomfortable. Slip them on and you're not just wearing a pair of boots, you're embracing a lifestyle.


  1. Rugged Construction: The use of gold-certified full grain leather upper combined with heathered textiles gives the Wild Sky Mid a robust feel and durable construction that should last for many adventures to come.
  2. Environmental Considerations: With a footbed made of 20% BLOOM, an algae-based product, this boot significantly contributes to environmental sustainability by cleaning water and air.
  3. Weather Resistant: The waterproof/breathable membrane coupled with gusseted tongue and taped seams ensures maximum comfort and dryness even in the wettest conditions.
  4. High Performance: A lightweight EVA midsole for shock absorption, a composite shank for torsional rigidity, and the Peak-to-Pavement® rubber outsole are designed to ensure superior grip and support on any terrain.
  5. Comfort and Fit: The 100% recycled wicking mesh linings with anti-odor treatment provide all-day comfort and breathability, making them suitable for long hikes or extended periods of wear.


  1. Price: At $155, the Wild Sky Mid is not the most affordable option on the market. Its high cost may be prohibitive for some potential buyers.
  2. Weight: At 35 ounces, these boots might be considered heavy for some users, especially for those used to lightweight hiking footwear.
  3. Style: While the boot's design blends functionality with style, the aesthetic may not appeal to everyone. They might not be the best option for those seeking a more traditional looking hiking boot.
  4. Height: At 5 inches, these boots offer less ankle support than some other hiking boots, which could be a potential issue for those traversing particularly uneven or challenging terrain.
  5. Break-in Period: As with many leather boots, these may require a break-in period before they become entirely comfortable. Some users might find them initially stiff or unwieldy.


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