MUKUTA 10 Plus Electric Scooter: Power Beyond Limits with 2800W Dual Motor & 74 Miles Range!

Powerful, Durable, Speedy, Smart, Versatile

There's a sort of magnetism to the open road. It calls out to the free spirit in all of us, an invitation to adventure and a prompt to journey into the unknown. And if there's one thing I've learned from my years traveling the world, it's that the method of travel often defines the voyage itself. So, let's talk about a modern marvel that aims to redefine personal transport: the MUKUTA 10 Plus Electric Scooter.

At a first glance, this scooter is an impressive beast. Outfitted with a 2800W Dual Motor, the MUKUTA promises a top speed that's nothing to scoff at – a whopping 46mph. If you're after pure adrenaline, this thing's got the juice. And for those who like to venture a bit farther from the beaten path, the 10-inch off-road pneumatic tires are your passport to adventures that previously seemed out of reach. These tires, built to be both durable and sensitive to control, practically beg you to go off-road.

The frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which not only ensures durability but also adds a dash of sleekness to its design. For a machine this robust, it's surprisingly lightweight. I appreciate the craftsmanship and the attention to detail.

Safety, it seems, is a top priority for MUKUTA. The dual hydraulic brakes combined with the EABS guarantee a safe and immediate stop, even when the journey gets a bit wild. Night riders and dusk adventurers will certainly appreciate the front and rear LED lights, turn signals, and deck lights. And that 110-decibel electronic horn? Let's just say you won't go unnoticed.

I'm also drawn to the smart tech integrated into this machine. From the intelligent temperature control ensuring optimal battery performance to the NFC key card that makes sure your ride stays yours. The 4.5-inch LCD display doesn't just inform, it allows customization, tailoring the ride to your personal preferences.

Practicality is key in any urban environment, and the MUKUTA doesn't disappoint. With its quick folding stem and foldable handles, you can store it compactly and transport it easily. Whether you're a daily commuter, a weekend explorer, or just looking for a quick trip to the local market, the MUKUTA seems more than up to the task.

So, who's it for? The MUKUTA 10 Plus Electric Scooter seems like a dream for the urban adventurer, someone who relishes the blend of city life with the occasional dalliance into the wild. It's for the soul who values freedom, craves exhilaration, and seeks to navigate the concrete jungle (and beyond) in style.

At $1,999, it's not the cheapest ticket to ride, but then again, the best adventures rarely are.


  1. Powerful Dual Motor: With a 2800W dual motor, the scooter can reach a formidable top speed of 46mph.
  2. Impressive Battery Life: A high-capacity lithium-ion battery provides a range of 62 to 74 miles, depending on the battery variant.
  3. Safety Features: Enhanced with dual hydraulic brakes, EABS, and anti-skid deck rubber mat, ensuring a safe ride.
  4. Lighting for Night Rides: Front and rear LED lights, turn signals, and deck lights offer great visibility for night riding.
  5. Smart Technology: The 4.5-inch LCD allows users to monitor and customize their ride, while the NFC key card offers an added security layer.
  6. Off-Road Capability: 10-inch off-road pneumatic tires allow for diverse terrains, from city streets to unpaved paths.
  7. Compact & Portable: The scooter's foldable design makes storage and transport more convenient.
  8. Sturdy Construction: Made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, it's durable yet relatively lightweight.
  9. Temperature Control: Intelligent temperature control ensures optimal battery health and longevity.


  1. Price Point: At $1,999, it's on the pricier end for electric scooters.
  2. Weight: At 36.3KG, it might be cumbersome for some to carry, especially if stairs are involved.
  3. Overload Self-Protection: While a safety feature, the self-protection mechanism when overloaded might interrupt rides.
  4. Complexity: With so many features, there might be a steeper learning curve for those new to electric scooters.
  5. Maintenance: With advanced features like hydraulic brakes and off-road tires, maintenance might be more demanding and potentially more expensive than simpler models.


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