MTB Hopper Balance: Master the Art of Biking with this Ingenious Manual Machine

Versatile bike trainer with universal compatibility

Life is but a series of balance acts. We're constantly adjusting, adapting, shifting weight from one foot to the other to keep from falling. So it is with the MTB Hopper Balance, a tool that, in essence, mimics the dance of life – a dance of equilibrium.

This machine, my friends, is not just a piece of equipment. It's a steadfast partner, a mechanical mentor guiding you through the art of rear-wheel balance, nose manual balance, and even doubles as a bike stand for your beloved two-wheeler.

Every feature in this machine screams innovation. It allows you to work with the rear brake during a manual, which comes in handy when you feel like you're about to take an unwanted flip. The trainer wraps around the wheel, replicating the bike's flex. What's more, it moves slightly to the sides, a feature that perfectly imitates your own balancing act with your legs.

And the best part? This machine doesn't damage your bike. It respects it, just as we must respect the balance in our own lives.

Now, consider the issue of storage. Often, machines like these are bulky, taking up much-needed space. Not the MTB Hopper Balance. This piece of engineering genius folds into a flat product, allowing you to store it on a shelf, in the garage, or any other nook and cranny you can find. Talk about convenience!

The MTB Hopper Balance is a universal maestro, inviting all to partake in its teachings. It doesn't matter if your bike is Road, Gravel, XC, Trail, Enduro, DH, or a Fat bike. It welcomes wheels of all sizes, from 24 to 29 inches, accommodating tires from 1.8 to 3.0 in width.

What struck me most about this balance trainer is its intuitive design. With a mere 5-minute assembly and a weight limit of 120 kg, it's made for the people – beginners who are just starting to learn the beautiful art of balance on a mountain bike.

Life, my friends, is about balance, about keeping yourself steady when the world is rocking back and forth. The MTB Hopper Balance isn't just a machine, it's a metaphor for life – one that teaches us the importance of finding our center, of maintaining our equilibrium, and of learning to dance with the world, rather than against it.

And, in the world of MTB Hopper Balance, it seems, we've found a reliable dance partner.


  1. Multi-purpose: It serves as a rear-wheel balance trainer, nose manual balance trainer, and a bike stand for home use.
  2. Safety Mechanism: It allows you to engage the rear brake if you are leaning too much to the back, stopping a potential fall.
  3. Realistic Training: The trainer wraps around the wheel, imitating real-life bike flex. Additionally, it moves slightly to the sides, imitating real-life leg balancing.
  4. No Bike Damage: Its design ensures that it doesn't cause any damage to your bike.
  5. Space Efficient: It folds into a completely flat product, making storage easy and convenient.
  6. Universal Compatibility: The balance trainer can accommodate a variety of bikes and wheel sizes.
  7. Easy Assembly: It requires minimal assembly time, making it beginner-friendly.


  1. One Size Fits All: While the universal design can be a pro, it may also mean that the trainer doesn't perfectly fit all bike types, potentially leading to less-than-ideal training experiences for some users.
  2. Stability Concerns: Given the trainer's lightweight and portable design, there could be stability concerns, especially for more aggressive training regimes.
  3. No Advanced Features: It is designed for beginners, and thus may lack advanced features that professional riders might seek.
  4. Price Point: The cost of €199 may be a bit steep for some consumers, especially those new to the hobby who are not ready to commit to such an investment.
  5. Learning Curve: Despite the easy assembly, the actual usage might have a steep learning curve, especially for complete beginners.


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