MSR Habitude 6 and 4: Experience Standing-Height Comfort in a Robust Shelter Amidst the Wilderness

Spacious, durable, user-friendly camping shelter

Adventure, my dear friends, is sewn into the fabric of our existence, a clarion call resonating through the labyrinth of our collective DNA. And what's an adventure without the right gear to cradle us in our most audacious quests?

Enter the MSR Habitude Tents, a duo designed for the thrill-seekers, the boundary-pushers, the intrepid explorers. But, they're not just tents, they're sanctuaries of resilience and comfort nestled in the wild.

The Habitude 6 is an expansive haven, a proverbial mansion in the wilderness. It holds the promise of a standing-height shelter, stretching its sturdy frame to embrace six adventurous souls within its robust confines. Imagine the thrill of a canoe trip or mountain bike ride amplified by nights spent under the starlit canopy, cocooned in the comfortable warmth of this portable abode. As rugged as it is, the Habitude 6 never compromises on comfort, offering delightful creature comforts like storage pockets for each occupant – a thoughtful touch, I must say.

Now, let's explore its equally enthralling sibling, the Habitude 4. A standing-height retreat that comfortably houses four spirited adventurers. Be it the kids' first climbing adventure or a family river trip, this tent acts as the perfect starting point for igniting their love for the outdoors. Like its counterpart, this tent stands tall against the relentless elements, serving as a sturdy retreat for card games or reading when the weather turns sour.

Both tents boast a high ceiling and vertical sidewalls for unhindered mobility, a boon when you want to change clothes or stretch your limbs without feeling like a pretzel. Its smooth-glide YKK stainless steel zipper sliders endure rough use, making it a reliable shelter for your exploits.

Setting up these tents is a breeze. Even the most impatient explorers among us, guided by the handy setup instructions and color-coded pole clips, can erect these shelters swiftly. They stand freestanding, unfettered by the need for elaborate pitching.

And let's not forget about the importance of strategic design for comfort and utility. Both tents feature a balance of mesh for privacy and airflow, a necessity when your home is pitched amidst raw, untamed wilderness. The vast vestibule offers generous gear storage, a crucial aspect often overlooked in other designs.

Both tents may be built like a fortress, but they are not without their luxuries. The integrated pass-thru pocket, for instance, provides access to internal storage from outside the tent – perfect for those late-night headlamp or car keys hunts. Then there's the ample number of internal pockets and extra hang loops, making it simple to keep your essentials organized and within arm's reach.

However, the real beauty of these tents lies not in their features, but in the promise they offer: a promise of an unyielding shelter in the face of unexpected challenges, a promise of comfort in the heart of an untamed land, a promise of endless adventures, endless tales and endless memories. The MSR Habitude Tents are not just gears, they are companions in your journey, standing tall as monuments to your adventurous spirit.


1. Spacious and Comfortable: The Habitude Tents offer ample space and a high ceiling that allows everyone to move about comfortably, even stand up to change. The Habitude 6 can comfortably sleep six, while the Habitude 4 can accommodate four, making them ideal for group camping.

2. Robust and Durable: The Habitude Tents are built with robust fabrics and sturdy pole geometry, designed to withstand rough use and challenging environments. The smooth-glide YKK stainless steel zipper sliders further add to their durability.

3. Easy to Pitch: The tents set up quickly by one person with some assistance, thanks to the hubbed poles, large, color-coded pole clips, and a simple design. The freestanding structure makes the pitching process less cumbersome.

4. Unparalleled Livability: The tents are equipped with storage pockets for each occupant, extra hang loops, strategically placed mesh for airflow and privacy, and an enormous vestibule for outside gear storage. The polyurethane waterproof coating ensures you stay dry, no matter the weather.

5. Repair and Warranty: MSR offers repair services, with their technicians available to solve any issues swiftly. They also provide a limited warranty, which adds a layer of security to your purchase.


1. Single Door Design: Both tents come with a single door, which may limit convenience in cases where multiple people want to enter or exit the tent simultaneously.

2. Weight: Weighing 13 lbs 6 oz (Habitude 6) and 12 lbs (Habitude 4), these tents may not be the lightest options on the market. This could be a consideration for those looking for a more lightweight backpacking tent.

3. Price: With the Habitude 6 priced at $599.95 and the Habitude 4 at $499.95, these tents come with a hefty price tag. The cost may be a deterrent for budget-conscious buyers.

4. Ventilation: While the tents do include strategically placed mesh for airflow, in warmer climates or more humid conditions, additional ventilation might be appreciated.

5. Footprint Sold Separately: While these tents are compatible with large footprints, they're sold separately, which could add to the overall cost and may be an inconvenience for some.

$499.95 (Habitude 4)
$599.95 (Habitude 6)

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