Moultrie Edge Pro Cellular Trail Camera: Nature’s Eye for the Modern Outdoorsman

Precision nature capture, anytime, anywhere

In the wild, where the deer play and the silent narrative of the wilderness unfolds, a device like the Moultrie Edge Pro Cellular Trail Camera finds its place. The marvel of this camera is in its precision; it gives you precisely what you're scouting for. If it's the majestic deer you're after, then rest assured, it's the deer you'll get in the frame.

The Edge Pro is a device for the modern outdoorsman, blending technology with the age-old pastime of observing nature. No longer do you fiddle with SD cards; instead, every 36MP photo and 1080p video you capture is sent straight to unlimited cloud storage. Gone are the days of coming back home and scrolling through blank images triggered by a swaying branch or a gust of wind. With the Smart Capture feature, the Edge Pro comes equipped with on-device artificial intelligence that filters out the noise, ensuring you see only what you intended to capture.

Its design understands the constraints of being out in the field. The camera seeks out the best cellular signal available, so there's no cumbersome swapping of SIM cards. It's like having a companion that knows its surroundings and adjusts accordingly.

For those who are meticulous about the scope of their shots, the Smart Zones feature is a revelation. By defining specific detection zones, you dictate what parts of the view can trigger the camera. And with the Smart Trigger, false alarms are further reduced, as the device learns from its environment.

Setting up your shot is made intuitive with the Live Aim feature. Through a Bluetooth connection, you can view the camera's perspective in real-time. It's like getting a sneak peek of the story you're about to capture, ensuring that the stage is set just right.

One of the camera's silent heroes is its NYXEL NIR technology. This allows the Edge Pro to see farther and better in low light conditions without draining much power. This could make all the difference when you're trying to capture nocturnal creatures or the subtle movements at dusk.

Battery life is crucial, especially when you're venturing into remote places. The camera runs smoothly on 8 AA batteries. However, for those hard-to-reach spots where frequent visits aren't feasible, you can double up to 16 batteries, ensuring that your silent observer keeps watch for longer.

And for those who like to keep tabs from afar, the Moultrie Mobile app is a treasure trove. Not only can you access all your captures, but you also get weather updates, maps, activity charting, and prompt notifications about any detected activity. The beauty of it all is the freedom to adjust the camera settings from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be.

In essence, the Moultrie Edge Pro Cellular Trail Camera is not just a tool; it's an experience, an extension of the observer's passion. It brings the wild to you, refined and free of noise. For anyone keen on diving deep into the world of nature observation and game scouting, this device might just become an indispensable companion.


  1. Precision Photography: Ensures specific game, like deer, is captured, refining the images you receive.
  2. Cloud Storage: Eliminates the need for SD cards with unlimited cloud storage, offering convenience.
  3. Smart Capture: Uses on-device AI to minimize blank shots, making the most of the battery life.
  4. Auto Connect: No more SIM card hassles; it connects to the strongest cellular signal automatically.
  5. Battery Flexibility: Can run on 8 AA batteries with an option to use 16 for longer durations.
  6. Customized Detection: Set specific zones in the view with Smart Zones for targeted captures.
  7. Live Aim: Offers a real-time preview of the camera's view via Bluetooth.
  8. Advanced Night Vision: NYXEL NIR technology ensures quality low-light imaging without heavy power consumption.
  9. Moultrie Mobile App: Access photos, weather, and adjust settings on-the-go for a seamless experience.
  10. Affordable: At $179, it offers advanced features typically found in more expensive models.


  1. Battery Dependency: While it offers an extended battery life option, AA batteries might need regular replacements, especially in high-activity zones.
  2. Connectivity Concerns: Performance can vary based on the cellular signal strength in the area.
  3. Learning Curve: Some users might find the advanced features, like Smart Capture and Smart Zones, a bit challenging initially.
  4. Cloud Storage Dependence: Sole reliance on cloud storage can be problematic during network outages or for those with data privacy concerns.
  5. No Built-in Storage: While cloud storage offers convenience, the absence of an SD card slot or built-in storage might be a limitation for some users.


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