Gokey The Supreme: Upland Hunting Boots for the Dedicated Hunter

Handmade, Durable, Comfortable, Protective, Rugged

You can see it already, can't you? Out in the wilds, the ground beneath you marked by the constant patterns of the earth. The air crisp, filled with the aroma of nature's green, and you, clad in hunter's garb, are pushing through the brambles. You're in pursuit. But your feet, oh, your feet are encased in something legendary.

These aren't just boots. They're Gokey The Supreme, a testament to the rugged essence of the American outdoorsman. Handmade in the U.S.A. with the loving precision of an artist, each boot feels like it was destined for your foot alone. What's the magic here? Perhaps it's the bull hide exterior, something that screams strength, shielding your shins as if they're precious treasure.

But let's not stop at the outside. Slide your feet in, and you're greeted with calfskin lining, a gentle embrace that's far more comforting than you'd expect from hunting boots. It's like sinking into a well-worn leather chair at the end of a long day, except this chair is willing to accompany you across miles of upland terrain.

Underneath, the Vibram Gumlite sole tells a story of ingenuity. No ordinary sole would suffice for Gokey's Supreme. Sturdy yet lightweight, designed to self-clean as you walk; this sole is a companion that won't let you down.

The 10-inch bull hide uppers, true moccasin construction, they all converge to create something that transcends mere footwear. Five brass eyelets and five-speed hooks give you an adjustable fit, not merely for the sake of comfort, but to ensure you have the support you need for the day's adventure.

By the end of the day, when the sun dips low and bathes the world in a golden hue, your feet feel like it's sun up at sundown. The 7-8 oz. oil tanned bull hide and the 10″ 5-6 oz. bull hide are more than mere specifications. They're a rugged symphony, played out in the craftsmanship of boots that aren't just made but sculpted.

Now, what's the weight? Ah yes, 3.45 lbs per pair, but I promise you, these boots don't weigh you down; they elevate you.

Available in the noble shades of Walnut and Mahogany, they're an aesthetic feast. Yet, do remember, my dear adventurer, that oil-tanned leather is a fickle beauty, its color may vary from the image.

The Gokey Supreme isn't a boot you merely wear; it's a boot you become a part of. It's a piece of heritage, a love letter to the wild lands that call to the heart of every hunter, every lover of the outdoors. This is the boot that promises not just to walk with you but to journey through life's rugged terrains, elegant in its utility, supreme in its craft. You'd be well-accompanied with a pair of these on your next hunt. Very well indeed.


  1. Handmade Quality: Crafted in the U.S.A., every boot is meticulously designed, ensuring a supreme build.
  2. Durable Materials: Constructed with rugged 7-8 oz. oil-tanned bull hide, this boot can withstand years of rough use.
  3. Comfort: With calfskin lining and removable leather-covered cushioned insoles, your feet will feel comforted even during long treks.
  4. Self-cleaning Sole: The Stowe lightweight self-cleaning sole helps keep your boots looking fresh and free from excess dirt.
  5. Adjustable Support: Five brass eyelets and five-speed hooks provide a customizable fit for optimal support.
  6. Protection from Elements: The full-length leather tongue is gusseted to prevent dirt and moisture from entering.


  1. Price: At $650, the Gokey The Supreme is a significant investment, potentially out of reach for some.
  2. Weight: Averaging 3.45 lbs per pair, these boots might be considered heavy for some wearers, potentially affecting long-term comfort on extensive trips.
  3. Color Variation: As the oil-tanned leather is a natural product, the color may vary from the boot image, possibly leading to discrepancies in appearance.
  4. Specific Use: Primarily designed for upland hunting, the boots might not be as versatile for other outdoor activities or casual wear.

A true embodiment of craftsmanship, Gokey's Supreme is more than just a piece of footwear. The cons are few but might be vital depending on the individual's preferences and needs. The pros, however, are a profound statement of quality, durability, and comfort, making this boot a companion in the true sense for those who seek the wilderness.


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