Triumph SL: Where Craftsmanship Meets Elegance – Montana Knife Co & John Dudley Unite

Ultra-light, versatile, premium hunting knife

The wild beckons, and the last thing you want weighing you down as you trek up the mountain, stalking a game, or making camp is a hefty tool. Yet you also don’t want to compromise on quality. Enter the Montana Knife Company X John Dudley Nock On Triumph SL. A name that’s a mouthful, but for a product that deserves every syllable of praise.

Conceived from the meeting of minds between John Dudley of Nock On and MKC's Josh Smith, this blade's story is one of relentless pursuit for perfection. John, recognized as archery's foremost expert, brings to the table a lifetime of hunting experience. He knows what works and what doesn't in the wild. And with Josh's expertise, this collaboration feels almost like a destined partnership.

The Triumph SL speaks a language of functionality. Light as a whisper at 1.9oz, this blade promises no unnecessary burden. Yet, with a blade length of 3.375 inches, it's sturdy enough for rigorous tasks like field dressing an elk. It's as if it’s challenging the laws of physics — how can something so light be so strong?

The choice of cryogenically-treated 52100 high carbon ball-bearing steel ensures toughness while making resharpening easy. The matte black parkerized finish isn't just for looks, though it does lend an air of stealth and sophistication; it's to minimize rust and glare.

But it's not just about the blade. The 550 paracord-wrapped handle is a stroke of genius. Not only does it shed weight, but it also offers versatility that's hard to find. From emergency tourniquets to makeshift boot laces, the paracord's potential uses are many. And the beauty? Even without the paracord, the knife still fits snugly in its sheath.

Speaking of sheaths, the accompanying Kydex sheath deserves a moment in the spotlight. Weighing a mere 2 oz, it’s adjustable for various carry methods and placements. The reversible quick-attach belt clip ensures the sheath remains accessible and easy to use, allowing for the blade to be quickly drawn when time is of the essence.

And there’s a cherry on top. Montana Knife Company’s Generations® promise is a nod to timeless dedication. They’ll restore your blade, rewrap your paracord, and ensure it stands the test of time, free of charge.

In essence, the Triumph SL is not just a knife. It's a commitment, a companion, and a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets expertise. For the avid hunter, the outdoor enthusiast, or the archer on the prowl, this isn't merely a tool; it's an extension of your spirit. Embrace the wild with confidence, armed with the Triumph SL.


  1. Lightweight Design: Weighing only 1.9oz, it's perfect for those who want a high-quality knife without any unnecessary weight.
  2. Versatile Blade: The 3.375-inch blade is suitable for a variety of tasks, from small game to larger challenges like field dressing an elk.
  3. High-Quality Steel: Made from cryogenically-treated 52100 high carbon ball-bearing steel, it boasts toughness, edge retention, and ease of resharpening.
  4. Rust and Glare Minimization: The matte black parkerized finish ensures minimal rust and reduces glare.
  5. Multipurpose Paracord Handle: The 550 paracord-wrapped handle isn’t just lightweight, but also serves multiple purposes in emergency situations.
  6. Adaptable Sheath: The Kydex sheath can be adjusted for various carry methods, ensuring ease of accessibility.
  7. Maintenance Promise: Montana Knife Company’s Generations® commitment guarantees long-term care, including sharpening and paracord rewrapping.


  1. Potential Durability Concerns: The focus on extreme lightness might raise questions about the product’s long-term durability under intense conditions.
  2. Limited Blade Size: While versatile, the 3.375-inch blade might not be suitable for all tasks, especially those needing a longer edge.
  3. Paracord Dependence: Once the paracord is removed for other uses, the grip might feel different or less comfortable for some users.
  4. Specialized Tool: Its design, while versatile, is particularly geared towards hunting, which might not make it a first-choice general utility knife for some users.
  5. Price Point: At $225, the knife may be considered expensive for some potential buyers, particularly those looking for more budget-friendly options.


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