MKC Stonewall Blackfoot Skinner: Masterfully Crafted for Unyielding Outdoor Pursuits

Versatile, Durable, Balanced, Sharp, Reliable

From the vast, wild expanses of Lincoln, Montana, a masterpiece is forged with unrivaled precision and uncompromising dedication to functionality. Embedded in the very essence of its origin, the Stonewall Blackfoot Skinner doesn't merely perform; it commands the attention of the elements, crafting a symphony of unyielding power and finesse that dances gracefully through any challenge the rugged outdoors might present.

Forged by Master Bladesmith Josh Smith, the Stonewall is more than a knife; it is a testament to the untamed beauty and relentless terrain of its birthplace, drawing its name from the stoic Stonewall Mountain and the serpentine Blackfoot River. Each curve, each edge of this magnificent tool, mirrors the careful craftsmanship and understanding of a hunter's needs, sculpted from a lifetime of experiences within the shadows of these monumental landmarks.

What sets this blade apart in a market oversaturated with promises of durability and precision? It's the meticulous balance woven into its DNA. The Stonewall's belly, significantly more expansive than its counterparts, cradles the responsibility of providing long, sweeping strokes, minimizing the risk of punctured hides, while ensuring its tip remains agile and accessible for tasks that don't necessarily involve skinning.

Constructed from cryogenically treated 52100 high-carbon ball-bearing steel, the blade isn't just a piece of metal; it's a carefully concocted alloy of edge retention, toughness, wear resistance, and a beckoning ease to resharpen. Cloaked in a matte black, parkerized finish, it's a whisper in the wilderness, minimizing glare while staunchly resisting the relentless advance of rust.

The Stonewall doesn’t stop at just the blade. It extends its dominion to a handle made from G-10, a material lauded for its unparalleled strength, stability, and endurance against the elements. The G-10 scales are steadfast, not faltering or yielding even when soaked with the inevitable blood and sweat that accompanies the hunter's pursuit. With hollows intricately carved to reduce weight and allow for adhesive perfection, it sits confidently in your grasp, a silent promise of reliability through storms and sunshine alike.

Included with the Stonewall is a sheath designed not just as a housing but as an extension of the knife's ethos of versatility and strength. Crafted with attention to the fine details, it allows for a customized carrying experience, adaptable to the wearer's preferences and needs.

Beyond the immediate allure of its design and promises of performance, the Stonewall Blackfoot Skinner carries with it a pledge echoing through time: Generations®. It's not just a warranty or service; it’s a covenant, assuring that your blade will not just be maintained but restored to its primal, unmatched working condition, bearing the scars and tales of adventures past while standing ready for those yet to come.

Crafted, honed, and birthed in the USA, available in a palette of colors from stealthy black to an adventurous orange and black combination, the Stonewall is priced at $325. It's not just a purchase; it’s an investment, a commitment to a tool that doesn’t just complement your journey but becomes an integral part of it, sharing in the stories written beneath the vast Montana skies. Each stroke, each cut, is a whisper of the wilderness, a silent testament to the spirit of the untamed, echoing through the valleys and across the mountain tops, carrying with it the legacy of the land from which it was born.


  1. Versatile Usage: The Stonewall Blackfoot Skinner is designed for versatility, able to handle skinning, cutting, and chopping with equal proficiency.
  2. High-Quality Blade Material: Made from cryogenically treated 52100 high-carbon ball-bearing steel, it offers edge retention, toughness, wear resistance, and is easy to resharpen.
  3. Protective Finish: The blade’s black parkerized finish not only gives it a sleek appearance but also helps to prevent rust and minimize glare.
  4. Balanced Design: Its enlarged belly and accessible tip allow for a wide range of motions and tasks without damaging hides during skinning.
  5. Durable Handle: The G-10 handle is known for its durability and stability, providing a reliable grip even in wet and slippery conditions.
  6. Lightweight: Weighing only 5.5 oz, it is lightweight enough for comfortable use and carry during hunting trips.
  7. Custom Sheath Included: The custom MKC Kydex sheath allows for secure and versatile carrying options.
  8. Lifetime Service: With the Generations® promise, MKC offers free lifetime sharpening, repairs, and handle rewrapping services.
  9. Made in the USA: The Stonewall is proudly manufactured and hand-finished in Montana, supporting local craftsmen and ensuring quality production.


  1. Premium Price: At $325, the Stonewall Blackfoot Skinner is a significant investment, which might not be accessible or justifiable for all potential buyers.
  2. Specialized Use: Despite its versatility, it is primarily designed for hunting purposes, which may limit its appeal or functionality for non-hunters.
  3. Maintenance Required: The high-carbon steel, while durable, requires proper care and maintenance to prevent rust and wear over time.
  4. Learning Curve: Its unique design and features may present a learning curve for individuals who are accustomed to using traditional or different types of knives.
  5. Limited Color Options: While available in various colors, the options are limited, which may not satisfy all aesthetic preferences of potential buyers.


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