Master All Terrains: Surron Ultra Bee with Multi-Condition Traction Control System

Power meets Precision

Welcome, my fellow adventure seekers. Have you ever dared to imagine a ride that marries raw power with the delicate dance of balance? A ride that is just as home on the dirt tracks as it is on city streets? Then, my friends, allow me to present the Surron Ultra Bee.

Feeling the Ultra Bee beneath you, you are immediately aware of the power it harbors. This new beast hosts Surron's 4th generation power platform, the core of its being, delivering a punch of power with the finesse of a ballet dancer. It's responsive, it's eager, and it's ready to tackle whatever trails you throw at it.

Ride with the comfort of knowing that the Ultra Bee has your back when it comes to braking. The braking system, race-tested and refined, offers a level of reassurance that lets you tackle the trickiest of trails and tracks. Partnered with Surron's refined off-road traction control system, it allows you to navigate obstacles with the grace of a mountain goat.

All this, and we haven't yet touched on the marvel that is the TR rear suspension system. Coupled with an innovative front suspension system, this unique combination will embolden you to ride faster, take corners tighter and perhaps even get some air under those tires. Confidence is no longer optional; with the Ultra Bee, it's guaranteed.

The Surron Ultra Bee has been forged from an ultra-light aluminum alloy, a testament to Surron's attention to weight distribution. This approach results in a machine that weighs a mere 85 kg, yet provides unmatched precision handling, adding another layer to your riding experience.

The battery of this metallic stallion deserves its own sonnet. It packs a 74V55AH high-performance Li-ion pack, boasting an impressive power density and a life cycle of up to 1500 times. The result? A smoother ride and a longer life, the perfect combination for those of us who live for the journey and not the destination.

The Surron Ultra Bee also understands the diverse needs of the modern rider. Its Surround Traction Control System offers three rider-selectable settings, allowing you to adjust to different terrains and conditions. Whether it's ECO, DAILY, SPORT, or even Reverse mode, the Ultra Bee accommodates your riding style with ease and flexibility.

An often overlooked feature, the storage space, in this case, is no mere afterthought. An ingenious hidden space beneath the seat houses the Ultra Bee's charger. Ready for a top-up wherever you are, no longer do you have to lug around a bulky charger. More power to the adventurers!

The Surron IoV (Internet of Vehicle) system rounds off the Ultra Bee's impressive feature list. Imagine a world where general vehicle information, remote status checking, ride tracking, safety protection, and system self-diagnostic are all at your fingertips. This is no longer a fantasy; the future of off-road biking is here.

The Surron Ultra Bee promises to revolutionize the way you ride. It's a testament to the relentless pursuit of engineering excellence, combining power, control, and innovation in a package that will leave you craving more. So saddle up, adventure seekers. The Ultra revolution has arrived. Are you ready to Bee a part of it?


1. High Performance Powertrain: With Surron's 4th generation power platform, this off-road vehicle promises precision handling and smooth power output, making it a highly reliable machine for any terrain.

2. Advanced Braking System: A refined braking system, especially for off-road use, means the Ultra Bee ensures safety without sacrificing performance, a crucial component for any ride.

3. Innovative Suspension System: The TR rear suspension combined with the front suspension systems offers a comfortable ride and boosts rider confidence in handling the vehicle on various terrains.

4. Lightweight Design: The Ultra Bee, made with an ultra-light aluminum alloy, weighs in at only 85kg. This lightweight construction enhances maneuverability and handling.

5. High Capacity Battery: The 74V55AH Li-ion battery offers high power density and extended cycle life, ensuring prolonged periods of travel without worrying about power drainage.

6. Versatile Riding Modes: With the SRTC offering three rider-selectable settings and a riding mode switch (ECO/DAILY/SPORT/Reverse), it caters to a wide range of riding styles and terrains.

7. Innovative Technology Integration: The Surron IoV system offers real-time vehicle information, remote status checking, ride tracking, and system diagnostics. It provides an additional layer of convenience and safety.


1. Price: The Surron Ultra Bee, priced at $7,500, may seem steep to some. If you are a casual rider or on a budget, you might find cheaper alternatives in the market.

2. Potential Overengineering for Casual Use: All the technology and high-end features might be more than necessary for someone who only rides occasionally or primarily on flat, easy terrain.

3. Charger Storage Space: While it's innovative to have a dedicated space for the charger, some riders might prefer this space for other utilities or tools, especially if they're not planning on long, power-draining rides.

4. Lack of Personalization: While the Ultra Bee seems to come with a standard set of features, some riders might prefer a more customizable bike to fit their specific needs, style, or aesthetics.

5. Connectivity Dependence: Some features like the Surron IoV system are internet-dependent, which might not be reliably available in all off-road or remote locations where you'd like to ride.

Remember, the importance of these pros and cons can vary widely from rider to rider, depending on your personal preferences, budget, and riding style. It's always best to consider these factors in the context of your unique requirements.


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