Lou Board – The Penny Board of Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards don’t need to be big and the Lou Board by Swiss company SloFlow is not. It’s about the size of a penny board and the motors are embedded in the wheels so it doesn’t look like an electric skateboard.

Unlike most electric skateboards, you can ride the Lou board like a normal skateboard when the battery runs out. It takes two hours to charge the batteries.

The Lou Board comes in 3 versions: Lou 1.0, Lou 2.0, and Lou 3.0. Lou 1.0 and Lou 2.0 comes with one motor and can go up to 28 km/h (17mph) for 10-15km (6-9 miles). The only difference between the two is that Lou 2.0 is made of carbon fibre while Lou 1.0 is made of polyurethane.

Lou 3.0 is best of the bunch and most expensive. It has a top speed of 35 km/h (22mph) and a range of 20-25km (12-15miles). It has two motors instead on one and can climb hills better than the cheaper versions.


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