LEKI’s Hemp One Vario: Redefining Trekking with the First Hemp-Constructed Pole

Revolutionary Hemp-Constructed Adjustable Trekking Pole

The mountains, the valleys, the winding trails – they all beckon the adventurer in us. Those footprints we leave behind on unexplored terrain are what life's all about. And helping us in this exploration, assisting us in our curious quests, are our trusty trekking poles. Now imagine if these humble companions could tell a story of their own – a story of sustainable living, eco-consciousness, and trailblazing innovation? Enter the “Hemp One Vario” trekking pole by LEKI.

Let's not forget, walking is not just about getting from point A to point B. It's a dialogue with nature, a connection to the primal instinct that lies within all of us. This is why I believe that our gear should be more than just functional; it should resonate with the essence of the journey, reflecting the ethos of the wilderness. That's where the “Hemp One Vario” steps in.

This pioneer pole is a testament to a unique blend of sustainability and innovation. Crafted from hemp fibers, the trekking pole is a perfect example of nature meeting technology, a merger that has led to a landmark product – the first adjustable trekking pole made of hemp. It stands as an embodiment of LEKI’s commitment to pushing boundaries and blending trailblazing ideas with pragmatic application.

Apart from the obvious ecological appeal, what makes the Hemp One Vario shine are its features. The shaft, a wonder born out of organic fiber composites, is robust yet lightweight, attributes that don't always walk hand in hand. The tactile feel of the hemp fibers is another marvel to behold, offering a haptic delight while on the trail. Even the details sing a song of eco-consciousness: the strap is pure linen, and the plastic parts contain significant proportions of natural cork and hemp.

To craft such an innovation, you can't just rely on the theory alone. You have to get your hands dirty. Literally. The LEKI team did just that, involving themselves in the hemp harvest from a local farm. Such dedication is rare, and it showcases the devotion that went into making this product a reality.

The question then arises – is hemp the fiber of the future? Given its low impact on water and land, its robustness, and its potential for a softer appeal through technology, one might be tempted to say yes. But like every story that begins with promise, only time will unveil the full narrative.

For the adventure-lovers and the sustainability-conscious, the Hemp One Vario offers a unique solution. It’s not just a trekking pole, but a statement, a sign of commitment towards a more resource-efficient future. It's the perfect companion for those who crave the fresh mountain air but are equally passionate about leaving the world a better place for the generations to come. And for that, it gets two thumbs up from me.

This trailblazing innovation is currently available as a handmade limited series and is set to debut in spring/summer 2023. While its retail development remains an exciting mystery, there's no doubt that this pole will be a conversation starter on your next hiking adventure. So, gear up for a journey that’s not just about conquering trails, but also about making a statement for sustainability. The mountains are calling, and the Hemp One Vario is ready to answer.


  1. Sustainability: The Hemp One Vario is made of hemp, a renewable resource. This material choice reduces the environmental impact and carbon footprint associated with manufacturing trekking poles.
  2. Innovation: Being the first adjustable trekking pole made of hemp, it represents a significant leap in outdoor equipment innovation.
  3. Locally-sourced materials: The hemp is grown just 6 kilometers from LEKI's headquarters, promoting local farming and reducing transportation emissions.
  4. Quality Construction: The pole has been recognized for its lightweight yet robust design, offering durability and ease of use.
  5. Comfortable Grip: The hemp fibers provide excellent haptics, enhancing the user's experience while on the trail.
  6. Adjustable: The pole is adjustable, making it versatile for different users and various hiking conditions.
  7. Handmade Limited Series: Each pole is handcrafted with care, offering a unique and personalized product.
  8. Regional Collaboration: The project exemplifies successful regional collaboration with local farmers and research institutions.


  1. Limited Availability: The pole is currently available as a handmade limited series, which may restrict access for interested customers.
  2. Higher Cost: With a retail price of €240, it might be more expensive than traditional trekking poles, making it a substantial investment.
  3. Unproven Longevity: Since it's a new product, the longevity of hemp as a material for trekking poles remains to be seen.
  4. Market Acceptance: It may take time for consumers to accept and adapt to this new material for trekking poles.
  5. Future Production Uncertainty: Plans for broader production and retail are still in progress, leaving some uncertainty about the product's future.
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