Leatherman Garage Batch #006: Harvest – The “Multi-Use” Fixed-Blade Knife

Versatile, durable, traditional, exclusive, innovative

When you think of Leatherman, what comes to mind? A stealthy multi-tool with an array of utilities compactly folded into a pocket-sized wonder, right? But the winds of innovation are ever blowing, and from the heart of Leatherman's exclusive Innovation Garage comes an exciting deviation. Say hello to the Harvest: Leatherman’s first-ever standalone fixed-blade knife.

The immediate assumption may be that Leatherman is straying from its roots. I mean, here is a knife that doesn't tuck away, doesn’t present a range of gadgets, and is, well, singular in its form. But Lee Leatherman, the brains behind this specialty project and the son of the legendary founder Tim Leatherman, insists that this is the quintessence of the brand. You see, the Harvest isn't about multiple tools; it's about multiple uses.

Envision a blade that traverses seamlessly from a verdant field to a dense forest, from gathering crops to cleaning game. The Harvest is the embodiment of that versatility. Its name doesn’t merely allude to the action of reaping crops, but instead encapsulates a broader understanding. The Harvest pays respect to the time-honored traditions passed down through generations. It carries the weight of honor, responsibility, and tradition.

Craftsmanship here is paramount. Made of premium S35VN steel, this knife boasts impressive edge retention and remarkable resilience. The G-10 handle isn't just there to look pretty, though it manages that effortlessly with its custom-layered design. It's robust, lightweight, and unfazed by capricious weather. Whether you're foraging in forests, prepping food by the campfire, or carrying out chores on a farm, the Harvest pledges to be a steadfast companion. And its trusty leather sheath ensures it's always within arm’s reach.

Now, with a price tag of $250, some might gasp. But remember, this isn't just a knife; it's a limited-edition artifact from Leatherman’s Innovation Garage. It’s a blend of the traditional and the contemporary, designed not just for use but to be an heirloom, passed from one hand to the next.

However, a word to the wise – if this piques your interest, don't dally. Leatherman’s Garage launches have a reputation for selling out at warp speed. And while this may be a departure from what we've come to expect from Leatherman, it is, without doubt, a thrilling one.

In my book, the Harvest isn’t just a knife. It’s a story, a tradition, and most importantly, a testament to Leatherman’s unwavering spirit of innovation.


  1. Multipurpose Utility: Designed to be versatile, the Harvest can handle a variety of tasks, from farming chores to food prepping.
  2. Premium Quality Material: The blade is crafted from S35VN steel, known for excellent edge retention, durability, and chip resistance.
  3. Durable Handle: The custom-layered G-10 handle ensures the knife is robust, lightweight, and suitable for all weather conditions.
  4. Limited-Edition Exclusive: As a product from Leatherman's Innovation Garage, it carries an exclusivity that makes it special for collectors and enthusiasts.
  5. Honors Tradition: The Harvest pays homage to age-old traditions, making it more than just a tool but a symbol of honor, responsibility, and tradition.
  6. Leather Sheath: Ensures the knife is safely stored and easily accessible.
  7. Innovative Design: Combines the aesthetic of a classic fixed blade with modern sensibilities.


  1. Price: Retailing at $250, the knife might be perceived as expensive for some potential buyers.
  2. Single Functionality: Unlike traditional Leatherman tools, the Harvest does not offer multiple tools in one, which might not appeal to those used to multifunctional Leatherman tools.
  3. Limited Warranty: As a Leatherman Garage product, it isn't covered by the full 25-year warranty typically offered on full-size tools.
  4. Potential for Quick Sell-Out: Given the exclusivity and novelty of the Harvest, it might sell out quickly, making it hard for some interested buyers to secure one.
  5. First Fixed-Blade Offering: As this is Leatherman's first venture into standalone fixed-blade knives, there might be unforeseen issues or potential for improvements in future iterations.


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