Experience Trail Domination with Trek Slash Gen 6’s High Pivot Suspension!

Rugged, Agile, Innovative, Powerful, Versatile

In a world obsessed with newer, better, faster, the Slash stands defiantly, a testament to what can be achieved when you're willing to rewrite the rules. Riding through rough terrains requires a machine that is not just powerful, but also reliable and well-crafted. That’s where the all-new Slash Gen 6 comes into play. It's not just a bike; it's a backcountry battle axe that promises to take you places most wouldn't dare.

As one ventures into the wild, unpredictable backcountry, you’d want an enduro sled under you that offers no compromises. The Slash is exactly that. With a robust 170mm of front and rear travel, it feels like the bike was born to handle anything thrown its way. The mixed wheel size, featuring a 27.5” at the rear and a dominating 29” up front, feels like the perfect combination for those steep drops and raging descents.

One feature that I found particularly striking is its high-pivot design. This new configuration allows the rear wheel to follow a path that's in line with the force from impacts. Meaning? Fewer hang-ups, especially when dealing with square-edged obstacles. Plus, thanks to an idler pulley layout, any potential pedal kickback is effortlessly eliminated, ensuring a ride that feels smoother and more connected to the trail.

Speaking of pedaling, this beast is no slouch when it comes to climbing. Its design promises a traction that'll leave your mates gaping as you scamper up those tricky ascents without a hitch. Think of it like having the agility of a mountain goat but with the raw power of a charging bull.

For those who pride themselves on customizing their ride, the Slash offers plenty. There’s an option to adjust the headtube angle, suspension progression, and even the shock type. What’s more, the in-tube storage is a nifty addition for those longer rides when you'd rather have your essentials within arm's reach rather than stashed in a backpack.

The Slash Gen 5, with its traditional suspension and 29″ wheels on both ends, might appeal to those looking for a somewhat tamer experience. But if you're the kind who feels the call of the wild and wants a bike that’s willing to answer that call, then Gen 6, with its high pivot suspension and added adjustability features, is your beast.

The price point, starting at $4,399.99, is reflective of the craftsmanship, technology, and sheer audacity that has gone into creating this machine. In essence, the Slash isn't just about getting from point A to point B; it's about the journey, the adventure, and most importantly, the stories you'll have to tell. Ready to rally the rough? The backcountry is calling.


  1. High Pivot Suspension Design: Provides a rearward axle path for better momentum and fewer hang-ups on rough terrains.
  2. Mixed Wheel Size: Combines the agility of a 27.5″ rear wheel with the stability of a 29″ front wheel, ideal for steep descents.
  3. 170mm Front and Rear Travel: Enables the bike to handle rugged terrains and big drops with ease.
  4. Idler Pulley System: Reduces pedal kickback, making for a smoother ride.
  5. Climbing Efficiency: Despite being a long-travel enduro bike, the Slash boasts excellent climbing capability.
  6. Adjustability Features: Offers riders the ability to tweak suspension progression, headtube angles, and more.
  7. In-Tube Storage: Handy for storing essentials without needing an external bag.
  8. Customization Flexibility: Can accommodate a variety of shocks and even allows for changing wheel size configurations.


  1. Cost: Starting at $4,399.99, it might be considered expensive for some potential buyers.
  2. Weight: While not explicitly mentioned, long-travel enduro bikes with rich features can be on the heavier side.
  3. Complexity for Novices: With numerous adjustability and customization options, it might be overwhelming for newer riders.
  4. Mixed Wheel Size Subjectivity: Not everyone prefers the mixed wheel setup; some may desire a consistent wheel size.
  5. Maintenance: High pivot designs with idler pulleys can require more maintenance and attention than traditional setups.


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