Chris Reeve Green Beret: Elevate Your Adventures with Precision-Crafted Steel

Tactical. Durable. Precise. Ergonomic. Sleek

In a world often swayed by fleeting trends and fleeting attention spans, the Green Beret knife stands out like a beacon of timeless design and sheer functionality. The collaborative genius of Chris Reeve and William W. Harsey shines through in every aspect of this piece. With a dorsal tapered profile, this knife isn't just a looker – it’s an efficient tool, combining the durability of CPM MagnaCut steel clocking in at an impressive 61-62 RC. Such strength isn’t just about lasting a lifetime; it’s about ensuring performance when it matters most, whether that be in heavy-duty chopping or precision cuts.

But what's a good blade without a proper handle? The contoured canvas micarta handles on this beauty are not just for show. They promise a positive radial grip, which translates to more control and less strain on your hand. And for those who like choices, the option to have it with or without serrations is a touch of personalization that speaks to the thoughtfulness of its creators.

The Black Cerakote finish lends it a stealthy aesthetic, complemented beautifully by its formidable 7″ blade. And when it comes to portability, it’s hard not to appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of either a black or coyote brown nylon sheath, ensuring your Green Beret is both protected and accessible. Weighing in at 12.8 oz and boasting an overall length of 12.375″, this is no dainty pocket tool. It’s a statement of intent and capability.

So, if you're someone who believes in being prepared, in not compromising on quality, and who understands that sometimes the right tool can make all the difference, the Green Beret knife might just be the companion you’ve been seeking.


  1. Durable Material: Crafted from CPM MagnaCut steel with a hardness of 61-62 RC, this knife is designed to withstand intense use without easily wearing down.
  2. Efficient Design: The dorsal tapered profile ensures the knife is effective for both chopping and precision tasks.
  3. Ergonomic Handle: The contoured canvas micarta handles offer a positive radial grip, maximizing comfort and control during usage.
  4. Customization: Users have the choice between a serrated or non-serrated blade, catering to personal preferences and specific task requirements.
  5. Protective Sheath: Comes with either a black or coyote brown nylon sheath, providing both protection and a convenient carrying solution for the blade.
  6. Collaborative Genius: Designed by renowned names – Chris Reeve and William W. Harsey – ensuring a balance of aesthetics and functionality.
  7. Stealthy Aesthetic: The Black Cerakote finish not only adds to the knife's durability but also gives it a sleek, modern look.


  1. Weight: At 12.8 oz, some users might find the knife a bit on the heavier side for prolonged use or portability.
  2. Length: An overall length of 12.375″ may make it less suitable for those looking for a more compact tool.
  3. Price: At $375, the Green Beret knife is an investment and may not be within everyone's budget.
  4. Specific Target Audience: Designed primarily for tactical and heavy-duty use, it might be overkill for everyday or casual users.


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