Lazer Cage KinetiCore – World’s first 5-star full-face bike helmet

The best full-face bike helmet

The Lazer Cage KinetiCore is the first full-face helmet to receive a 5-star safety rating from Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, a highly regarded facility when it comes to concussion safety testing. This makes the Cage KinetiCore probably the safest full-face helmet you can find on the market today.

Lazer, a Shimano subsidiary, previously used MIPS in its helmets for protection against rotational impact. MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and is used in many high quality helmets. KinetiCore is an alternative to MIPS developed by Lazer that also provides rotational impact protection but is built into the helmet rather than added on like MIPS.

On a KinetiCore helmet you'll see blocks and channels on the EPS foam, which create “crumple zones” like on a car panel. Less foam is used resulting in a lighter helmet and better ventilation with its 20 ventilation channels.

One downside of this “crumple zone” construction is that the helmet needs to be replaced once impacted.

Other features

A fiberglass outer shell reinforced with cabon fiber keeps the helmet light at a claimed 820g for the medium size.

There's also magnetic chinstrap buckle that makes it easy to use even with gloves on and neck brace compatibility.

There's also enough space for goggles thanks to a fixed visor that sits high enough for an unobtrusive sightline and a sticky strip on the back to hold the goggles in place.

The Lazer Cage KinetiCore is ASTM certified and internationally approved for downhill racing.


  • Lighter than a MIPS helmet
  • Very good ventilation
  • “Best Available” rating from Virginia Tech
  • Internationally approved for downhill racing


  • Needs to be replaced immediately after impact
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