La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX: Conquer Rugged Trails with Confidence

Robust, Waterproof, Supportive, Grippy, Vegan

In the world of exploration, where the path less taken promises adventure, the right gear is not just about utility, it's about trust. As we lace up the La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX hiking boots, we're not just prepping for a trek; we're arming our feet with armor suited for Mother Nature's unpredictability.

Imagine standing at the trailhead, the morning mist clinging to the air, the unknown of the wild calling. The boots you're sliding into are engineered not just to respond to the challenges ahead but to embrace them. Their waterproof GORE-TEX linings are your shield against the relentless skies, while the AirMesh/microfiber/thermoplastic polyurethane upper is a fortress, breathable yet unyielding.

And when the terrain turns traitor, with slick rocks and deceitful dirt paths, the FriXion XF 2.0 rubber soles with the Impact Brake System™ stand ready. These soles are your steadfast allies, offering traction that bites into the earth, giving you the confidence to scale new heights and conquer shifting grounds. They bring a sense of nimbleness to your journey, a crucial quality when every step counts.

Comfort, often sacrificed at the altar of durability, is championed here with a cushioned MEMlex midsole and a TPU Transfer shank that gives your strides a spring-like quality. As your hike stretches into hours, your feet remain cradled in comfort, thanks to the Ortholite foam insole, ensuring that the journey is as pleasing as the destination.

The thoughtful inclusion of both Regular and Wide sizes speaks to an understanding of varied explorers, while the commitment to being vegan reveals a respect for all life.

These boots, named as if ready for battle, are more than their moniker. They are a companion for the long haul, ready to be resoled, promising longevity. They are a testament to the belief that the best journeys are those where our feet carry us through, unburdened and undeterred.

For those who seek to venture beyond the beaten track, the La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX hiking boots are more than just footwear; they are a commitment to exploration, a homage to the wild, and a celebration of the spirit that urges us to keep moving forward.


  1. Waterproof GORE-TEX Linings: Offers robust protection against wet conditions, ensuring feet stay dry.
  2. Breathable Upper Construction: High-weave AirMesh with microfiber and thermoplastic polyurethane allows for good air circulation.
  3. Superior Traction: Equipped with FriXion® XF 2.0 rubber outsoles and the Impact Brake System™ for reliable grip on various terrains.
  4. Cushioned Support: Features MEMlex midsoles and nylon molded flex TPU Transfer shanks for comfort and support.
  5. Customized Fit: TPU lacing harnesses for a secure and personalized fit.
  6. Ortholite Foam Insole: Enhances comfort for prolonged wear.
  7. Sustainable Choice: Vegan-friendly materials used in construction.
  8. Durability: Can be resoled, extending the life of the boots.
  9. Size Variety: Available in Regular and Wide sizes to fit more foot shapes.
  10. Lightweight Design: At just over 2 lbs, they offer a nimble feel for a mid boot.


  1. Potentially Bulky for Some: Over-the-ankle design might feel too bulky or restrictive for those used to low-top hiking shoes.
  2. Warmth Factor: While excellent for wet conditions, they might be too warm for dry, hot environments due to the waterproofing.
  3. Break-In Period: As with many hiking boots, there could be a necessary break-in period before they reach optimal comfort.
  4. Price: High-quality materials and construction could make them more expensive than simpler models.
  5. Weight: Although lightweight for a mid boot, some may find them heavier compared to low-top hiking shoes or trail runners.


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