Klymit Luxe Camping Pillow: Lightweight, Durable, and Perfectly Sized for the Wilderness

Compact, Comfortable, Durable Outdoor Sleep

Ah, the open road. Endless horizons, ever-changing landscapes, the thrill of exploration. There's a unique romance to it all. But there's one thing we miss when we're in the great outdoors – the simple comforts of home. Yet, what if we could take just a piece of that comfort with us?

Well, my adventurous friends, let me introduce you to the Klymit Luxe Camping Pillow. It's not just any camping pillow; it's practically an oasis of tranquility and comfort that you can carry in your pack. This pillow understands the nomadic spirit in all of us and comes along for the journey, folding away into a compact 3″ x 7″ package. Believe me, for the comfort it offers, its weight of just 6.2 ounces is nothing short of a minor miracle.

Ah, but size and weight are not all that matters. It's the design that counts, and the Klymit Luxe does not disappoint. Its hybrid-fill design, a brilliant combination of air and polyester fill, lends it a versatility that is just perfect for a travel companion. The pillow cradles your head as gently as a lullaby, offering stability and support that can turn the most rugged terrain into a five-star suite under the stars. And with its soft outer material, you won't be pining for your silk pillowcase back home.

At 22 x 12.5 x 5 inches, the Klymit Luxe is almost as big as your pillow at home. Whether you're a backpacker seeking an extra layer of comfort or just out on a casual camping trip, the Klymit Luxe adds a dash of decadence to your outdoor escapades.

Moreover, it's not just comfort that this wonder-pillow offers; practicality is part of the deal too. It's made from durable 75D polyester – tough enough for the outdoors, yet easy to clean. And let's not forget the extra-plush quilted cover.

The Klymit Luxe Camping Pillow, my friends, is more than a piece of gear; it's a ticket to sweet dreams, no matter where your journey takes you. And with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, it's a companion you can rely on, from the calm lakesides to the toughest mountain peaks.

So, here's to embracing the wild with a bit of the familiar in our backpacks. Because who said the nomadic life couldn't be luxurious?


  1. Hybrid-Fill Design: The unique combination of air and polyester fill provides a high level of comfort and support, maximizing rest during travel or camping.
  2. Lightweight and Compact: At 6.2 ounces and with packed dimensions of 3″ x 7″, it's easy to carry, making it perfect for backpackers and casual campers alike.
  3. Large Size: With dimensions of 22 x 12.5 x 5 inches, it provides ample space for your head, akin to your pillow at home.
  4. Durable Material: The 75D polyester construction is sturdy, promising longevity even with regular outdoor use.
  5. Easy to Clean: Its material and design allow for easy cleaning, a much-needed feature when you're out in nature.
  6. Extra-plush Quilted Cover: This added feature enhances comfort, bringing a touch of luxury to your camping experience.
  7. Limited Lifetime Warranty: Ensures a reliable investment for long-term use and offers peace of mind.


  1. Price: At $49.99, it may be seen as expensive for a camping pillow, and budget-conscious travelers might prefer a more affordable option.
  2. Inflation: As it is an inflatable pillow, there's a risk of leaks or punctures that could compromise its functionality.
  3. Comfort vs. Synthetic Fill Pillows: While the hybrid design does increase comfort, some people might still find a wholly synthetic fill pillow more to their liking.
  4. Size When Inflated: Despite being compact when packed, its large size when inflated could potentially be too big for smaller tents or bivies.
  5. Maintenance: Regular inflating and deflating could potentially impact the longevity of the pillow, even with the robust material.


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