Klymit Everglow Light Tube: Inflatable Camping Lights

Versatile, Portable, Bright, Lightweight, Inflatable

There's something about nights under the open sky, my friends. The stars twinkling in the indigo vastness, a chorus of insects serenading the moon, and the aroma of fresh earth embracing you. Ah, but let's not ignore the primal human need to banish the dark. In this age, the enchanting glow of a campfire is often replaced by more practical, less hazardous options. Enter: the Klymit Everglow Light Tube.

This little piece of tech magic, wrapped in a simple and functional design, has become my partner on many a sojourn into the wild yonder. It's not just a light, but a versatile tool that enhances your experience outdoors, particularly as dusk deepens into an inky abyss.

The first thing you notice about the Everglow Light Tube is how incredibly light it is. Whether you opt for the Regular, Large, or XL model, you're looking at less than a can of soda's worth of weight. Easy to pack, it deflates into a size that could be lost in your pocket. You might even forget you're carrying it until nightfall nudges you for some illumination.

Charged by a USB, it's a breeze to power up. There's something quite satisfying about inflating this device, akin to giving life to a sleeping creature. It's just as easy to deflate and pack up when dawn arrives.

Let's talk about brightness. With up to 270 lumens, the XL model packs a punch in the illumination department. It's a beacon in the wilderness, but it's not all about power here. The option to dim the light is a thoughtful addition. Sometimes you need a little ambiance, not a floodlight, and the Everglow provides both.

Attaching the Everglow is straightforward, with options for all kinds of situations. The hang loop is robust enough to fix it to a tent or awning, and in the Large and XL models, you'll find a magnetic attachment point, making it a breeze to stick it to your car or other metallic surfaces.

What impresses me most is the versatility. Use it as a directional torch, guiding you through the dark. Hang it overhead for a soft, diffused lantern that creates a serene bubble of light in your camp.

The Klymit Everglow Light Tube stands out as more than just a camping light. It's an embodiment of our desire to master our environment, to bring light to the dark places, and to do so with ease, efficiency, and a dash of style. It's a fine example of human ingenuity making our ventures into nature even more enriching.

For those who seek the embrace of the wild, the campers, the hikers, the explorers in all of us, the Klymit Everglow Light Tube could be your next trusted companion on the road less traveled. Embrace the night, and let your path be lit by the Everglow.


  1. Versatile Lighting: The Everglow Light Tube provides both directional and lantern-style lighting. This flexibility means it can be used as a torch or hung as a lantern depending on your needs.
  2. Lightweight and Compact: Weighing less than 5 oz and deflating to pocket size, it's incredibly easy to carry and does not add significant weight or bulk to your camping gear.
  3. Easy to Power: The USB power input makes it convenient to recharge, especially if you carry a portable power bank or have access to a car or RV with USB outlets.
  4. Adjustable Brightness: With a dimmable LED offering up to 270 lumens, you can adjust the lighting according to your needs. It can be a gentle, ambient glow or a powerful beacon in the dark.
  5. Various Attachment Options: The carabiner loop and the magnetic attachment points make it easy to hang or stick the light tube to a range of surfaces.


  1. Power Source Not Included: The Everglow Light Tube needs a USB power source to operate, which is not included. This means you'll have to carry a power bank or have access to a powered USB port.
  2. May Be Too Bright for Some: At its maximum setting, the Everglow Light Tube may be too bright for those who prefer a dimmer light source when camping. However, this can be mitigated by the dimming function.
  3. Price Variation: The price varies significantly between models, with the larger models costing more. While the extra features may justify the cost for some, others might find it more expensive compared to other camping lights.
  4. Inflating and Deflating: While the inflating and deflating process is generally easy, it could be a minor inconvenience for some compared to solid, non-inflatable lights.
  5. Attachment Limitations: While the carabiner and magnetic attachment options are versatile, they may not be suitable for all situations or surfaces. For instance, the magnet would be useless on non-metal surfaces.


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