Kiwi Move – Smarter than other Activity Trackers

For those interested in tracking everything they do is the Kiwi Move wearable tracker. It's likely the most powerful tracker available on the market. Aside from being able to track your workouts and sleep, the Move can potentially track your whole life – from recording recipes to taking note of the music you heard at the supermarket. It responds to certain condition during the day depending on how you want it to respond. For example, you can set the Move to identify a song playing in the background when you do the music note gesture. The Kiwi Move is 1.6″ by 1.2″ and 0.35″ thick and weighs one ounce.  Inside is an ARM Cortex M4 chip, a Bluetooth LE radio, 802.11b/g antenna, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, and thermometer.

$99 when it was available.

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