Keen Zionic Waterproof Hiking Boots: Propel Your Adventure to New Heights

Eco-friendly, durable, athletic hiking boots

There's something about the open road, or better yet, an unmarked trail, that calls to us. It's about discovery, about adventure, about going where few have dared to tread. But to heed this call, you need a companion you can trust. The Keen Zionic Waterproof Hiking Boot makes a fine choice.

At first glance, the Zionic promises speed and stability, a blend that would be prized by anyone with a restless heart and an eye on the horizon. Keen has designed this boot to be more than just foot protection, it's a springboard. You don't just wear it, you propel with it.

A crucial element of a boot's charm lies in its durability. Here, the Zionic doesn't disappoint. Its TPU overlays and high-traction outsole provide a resilient foundation, promising a boot that can weather rocky terrains and muddy trails alike. The ripstop mesh upper adds another layer of durability, while keeping the boot breathable and lightweight.

Yet, this boot isn't all brawn. Its design is environmentally considerate. Made from recycled PET plastic and utilizing eco anti-odor technology, the Zionic strives for sustainability. It respects Mother Nature as much as it respects your adventurous spirit.

The thoughtfulness extends to the design as well, prioritizing comfort and ease of use. The two-finger webbing loop is a handy feature for when you're eager to start the day's trek and don't want to fumble with your boots. The contoured fit provides security and follows the natural lines of your foot, reducing the likelihood of blisters and discomfort.

However, what's truly remarkable about the Zionic is how it caters to the athletic spirit. Keen.FIT gives your toes room to breathe, essential for those steep climbs and quick maneuvers. The full-length stability plate and high-energy foam midsole work in harmony, creating a springboard effect. It's almost like the boot encourages you to keep pushing, to keep exploring.

The lug pattern on the soles is deliberately aggressive, designed for a better ground contact. This boot promises traction and support on all kinds of terrain, instilling you with the confidence to hike faster, to push farther.

Priced at $170, the Zionic Waterproof Hiking Boot is a worthy investment for the modern-day explorer. It's a pair of boots designed with respect for the environment, your feet's comfort, and the spirit of adventure that propels you on every trail. So, go ahead. Strap on these boots and propel your hike. Faster, farther, funner. There's a world out there waiting to be discovered, and the Zionic is ready to take you there.


  1. Durability and Stability: The boot's TPU overlays, high-traction outsole, and ripstop mesh upper promise long-lasting durability and stability. These are ideal for rough terrains and challenging trails.
  2. Eco-friendly Design: Made from recycled PET plastic and featuring eco anti-odor technology, the boot respects the environment while also ensuring comfort and hygiene for the wearer.
  3. Keen.DRY Technology: This waterproof yet breathable membrane keeps your feet dry, essential for hikes in wet conditions or crossing streams.
  4. Contoured Fit: The boot is designed to follow the contours of the foot, enhancing the fit and minimizing potential discomfort or blisters.
  5. Athletic KEEN.FIT: This feature provides room for your toes to move naturally, increasing comfort and support during rapid movements or long walks.
  6. Responsive Cushioning: The high-energy foam midsole and full-length stability plate work together to provide a springboard effect, which can reduce foot fatigue during lengthy hikes.
  7. Aggressive Traction: The lower-profile lug pattern increases ground contact, promising excellent traction even in challenging conditions.


  1. Price: Priced at $170, these boots might be considered expensive by some. However, given their quality and features, they may well be worth the investment for serious hikers.
  2. Potentially Limited Color or Style Options: As is common with many specialized outdoor gear products, the aesthetic design or color options may not be as varied or fashion-forward as some wearers would like.
  3. Fit May Vary: While the contoured fit is intended to enhance comfort, everyone's foot shape is unique. Some users might find that the fit isn't ideal for them. It's always advisable to try boots on in person, if possible, to ensure a comfortable fit.
  4. Weight: Although these boots are designed to be lightweight, they might still be heavier than some hikers prefer, especially those who favor minimalistic or barefoot-style footwear.
  5. Break-In Period: As with most hiking boots, there might be a break-in period where the boots may feel stiff or uncomfortable until they're worn in. This period will vary depending on the individual and their usage.


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