Kaebon EB Eins carbon fiber boat is so light it doesn’t need a trailer

Lightweight, sustainable electric boating

As I step onto the smooth, monolithic hunk of carbon fiber known as the Kaebon EB Eins, the pristine alpine lake stretches out before me. Surrounded by raw nature, it's time to cast off the shackles of traditional boating and embrace a cleaner, more sustainable approach to waterborne adventure.

Born in Munich, Germany in 2021, Kaebon was founded by Kai Krause, a man with a name destined for boat making. His vision? To create the lightest motorboats in the world, all while advancing cleaner, more sustainable boating practices. It's time for power boating without regret.

The EB Eins is a true testament to engineering ingenuity, crafted from vacuum-tempered foam-core prepeg carbon fiber, a material known for its low weight, strength, and durability. The hull, a wedge-like shape with a wave-piercing bow and long waterlines, cuts through the water with the elegance of a Japanese chef's knife.

Kaebon's lightweight marvel, tipping the scales at a mere 196 lb (89 kg), can ride atop an SUV like a canoe, making the journey to and from the water a hassle-free experience. No trailer? No problem. This stylish four-person electric boat defies convention.

When it comes to propulsion, the EB Eins offers two Torqeedo e-drive options. The Cruise 6.0 premium drive delivers the power of a 9.9-hp gas engine, while the Cruise 12.0 performance drive ups the ante to a 25-hp equivalent. This boat can whisper or roar, depending on your mood.

Kaebon's obsession with weight reduction is evident in every detail, from replacing traditional metal cleats with textile loops to refining countless smaller aspects of the design. The result? An electric boat that can glide silently for 45 minutes at full throttle or cruise leisurely for up to 10 hours, leaving nothing but a fading wake in its path.

The EB Eins made its grand debut at the Düsseldorf Boat Show and is available for those seeking a more eco-conscious boating experience. Prices start at €59,900 (approx. US$65,400) for the Torqeedo Cruise 6.0-powered model and €74,900 ($81,775) for the Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 version.

So, my friends, it's time to leave the thundering gas engines and oily residue behind. Embrace the future, respect the living art of our surroundings, and set sail on the Kaebon EB Eins – the epitome of sustainable boating. Cheers!


  1. Lightweight design: The Kaebon EB Eins is crafted from vacuum-tempered foam-core prepeg carbon fiber, which offers low weight, strength, and durability. This lightweight design allows for easy transportation on a car roof, eliminating the need for a trailer or boat slip.
  2. Eco-friendly: The electric motor ensures quiet, clean, and sustainable boating without the pollution and noise associated with traditional gas engines.
  3. Efficient propulsion: The wedge-like hull shape, wave-piercing bow, and long waterlines contribute to efficient propulsion, allowing the boat to glide smoothly through the water.
  4. E-drive options: The boat offers two Torqeedo e-drive options, providing flexibility in terms of power and performance, depending on the user's preferences.
  5. Long cruising time: The EB Eins can run for up to 10 hours at a slow cruising speed or 45 minutes at full performance, providing ample time for boating adventures.
  6. Innovative design features: Kaebon's focus on weight reduction and optimization is evident in small details, such as replacing metal cleats with textile loops.


  1. Limited range at full performance: While the EB Eins can run for up to 10 hours at a slow cruising speed, its range is limited to 45 minutes at full performance, which may not be suitable for some boating activities or longer trips.
  2. Charging time: The standard charger takes 10 hours to charge the battery fully, which might be inconvenient for some users. However, a quick charger that charges the battery in under two hours is available as an option.
  3. Price: The starting price of €59,900 (approx. US$65,400) for the Torqeedo Cruise 6.0-powered model and €74,900 ($81,775) for the Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 version might be considered expensive for some potential buyers.
  4. Weight capacity: Although the EB Eins can carry four people, users need to ensure their vehicle's roof can handle the dynamic weight of the boat, the rack system, and the overall payload.
  5. Lack of top speed information: Kaebon hasn't published an estimated top speed for the EB Eins, which could be a drawback for those looking to compare its performance with other boats on the market.

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