KA-BAR Krunch Spoon/Straw: Dishwasher Safe, Adventure Ready

Spoon-Straw Cereal Gamechanger

Imagine the morning sun is just peeking through the window blinds, casting a glow onto your breakfast table. Your daily adventure awaits, but first, the most important meal of the day – breakfast. You're a cereal person, right? Now, take a look at the ordinary spoon resting at the edge of your cereal bowl. Can it slurp the leftover milk once you've crunched your way through the golden cornflakes or heart-healthy granola? Does it offer anything other than its spooniness? No? That's where the KA-BAR Krunch comes into play.

The KA-BAR Krunch is not just a spoon. It's an expedition into the world of multi-functional culinary tools. It's a masterstroke of modern kitchenware that makes you wonder, “why didn't I think of that?” And trust me, it's a thought that'll come to you sooner or later.

This innovative spoon-straw is a sturdily built, 7.25 inches long piece of equipment, made from a remarkable material known as Creamid. Lightweight yet robust, this little marvel can endure any culinary adventure you embark on, be it a weekend hike in the mountains or a weekday dash to the office. Not to mention, it's dishwasher safe, which is a bonus in today's fast-paced world.

The handle, a generous 4.75 inches, is not just a handle. Oh no, it's a secret passage to the best part of your cereal, the leftover, flavor-infused milk. With a built-in straw, the Krunch turns every breakfast into an engaging, fun experience. Just one caveat: the design doesn't allow for the bottom of the straw to reach the end of your bowl or glass. Maybe they'll work on that in version 2.0, but for now, consider it an invitation to tilt that bowl and get every last drop.

The KA-BAR Krunch might not have been on your wishlist, but it's sure to find a place in your heart, and more importantly, in your kitchen drawer. Its dual functionality, convenience, and sturdy build are sure to pique the interest of anyone leading an active life, always on the lookout for equipment that can keep pace.

In my opinion, the KA-BAR Krunch isn't just about eating cereal. It's about embracing the new, challenging the mundane, and injecting a dash of excitement into everyday life. After all, isn't that what being active is all about? The Krunch isn't just a spoon or a straw – it's a statement. It says, “I'm ready for the day, and I'm going to enjoy every bit of it, starting with this bowl of cereal.”


  1. Innovative Design: The dual-purpose design of this utensil is its biggest advantage. It's not just a spoon, it's a spoon-straw – a two-in-one tool that makes cereal consumption an enjoyable and efficient experience.
  2. Material: The Krunch is made from Creamid, a lightweight, robust material. It promises durability and longevity. It's resistant to wear and tear, perfect for both everyday use and outdoor adventures.
  3. Dishwasher Safe: This feature adds a layer of convenience to the user experience. There's no need to worry about manually cleaning it after use.
  4. Price: At $10.44, it offers decent value. Given its durability and dual-functionality, it's a cost-effective addition to any kitchen or camping gear.


  1. Limited Straw Functionality: The major downside of this product is that the straw can't reach the bottom of a bowl or glass. It might mean leaving some of your milk or soup behind, which isn't the most efficient design.
  2. Size: With an overall length of 7.25 inches, it may not be comfortable for everyone, especially children, to use. The handle's length is 4.75 inches, which might be a little long for some users.
  3. Niche Use Case: Not everyone might find the need for a spoon-straw. Its utility is largely focused on eating cereals and similar foods, which could limit its appeal to a broader audience.
  4. Price: While its price can be seen as reasonable for its unique features, some might argue that $10.44 is a bit high for a spoon, even one with a built-in straw.


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