Juiced Electric Scrambler vs Honda Ruckus

The Juiced Electric Scrambler by Juiced Bikes is rugged, minimalist, and retro. The same thing is being said about the iconic Honda Ruckus. Both the high-end Juiced Scrambler and the Ruckus are at the same price.

So here’s comparing the two.

Juiced Electric Scrambler vs Honda Ruckus

Yes, the Ruckus might be a lot cooler than the Juiced Electric Scrambler. But it’s also $1,700 more expensive than the base model Juice Scrambler, which is $999.

Black juiced scrambler disc brake

However, the Ruckus is at the same price as the high end Juiced Electric Scrambler, the 1100W Hyper Scrambler, i.e. $2,699.

For that price, the 1100W HyperScrambler gives you a top speed over 34 mph and 35 miles per charge. That’s not a lot considering the Honda Ruckus can go up to 35 mph and 148 miles on a full tank.

The Ruckus has a dependable 49cc Honda engine, an automatic transmission, a 1.3 gallon tanks, and an electric start.

Other the ohter hand, the Juiced 1100W Hyperscrambler, has a 1100W motor, a 9-speed drivetrain and pedals, a 52V battery, and an LCD display.

Juiced Advantage

The advantage that Juiced Electric Scrambler has over the Ruckus is that it's emission free and quiet.

Since it has an electric motor instead of a fuel engine, the Juiced Scrambler does not require as much maintenance as the Honda Ruckus.

Therefore, you may be saving more in the long run if you bought the Juiced Scrambler instead of the Honda Ruckus.

The $999 version includes the CityScrambler, EuroScrambler, CampScramber, and CityScrambler.

Get Scrambler for $999

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