JetCar – A Corvette C7 and a Jet Ski Rolled into One

Chevy or Jet Ski?

Can't decide between a Chevy and a Jet Ski? Get the best of both worlds with the one-of-a-kind JetCar. This striking hybrid combines the eye-catching design of a Corvette C7 with the thrilling ride of a personal watercraft, offering an unforgettable on-water experience.

Starting at around $50,000, you can purchase a brand-new aquatic Corvette from JetCar USA, a Florida-based manufacturer that provides numerous customization options for each build. Begin by choosing the “hull” or body of your JetCar, which costs around $30,000, and finish it off with an exterior in a range of vibrant colors – think hot pink or bright yellow – to make a real splash. Add black decals for an extra dose of style.

Underneath its flashy exterior, the JetCar offers a choice of powerful engines, including a 180 hp Yamaha engine for $13,500 or Sea-Doo engines with outputs of 230 hp, 270 hp, or 300 hp, starting at $17,750. While it's not a V-8, it's more than capable of delivering an exhilarating ride. For example, the Yamaha engine can reportedly propel the JetCar to 56 knots (65 mph), nearly matching a powerboat's speed. However, remember that this 15-foot watercraft is not designed for dry land use, and it may attract some curious glances from law enforcement.

Customize your JetCar even further with a choice of four different Bluetooth sound systems, including the premium Rockford Fosgate option for $3,000, featuring a pair of eight-inch speakers, two six-inch speakers, and a four-channel amplifier. Additional optional extras include colorful LED interior lights for $650, a GPS tracking system for $600 plus a monthly subscription, and two storage boxes with cup holders for $350.

If you'd like to take a JetCar for a spin before committing to a purchase, there's a rental option available in Florida for $350 per hour, with a minimum of one hour required. To start building your very own JetCar, simply place a $500 non-refundable deposit and expect to receive your custom creation in about three weeks.

With the JetCar, you no longer need to choose between a Chevy and a Jet Ski – enjoy the best of both worlds in this eye-catching, attention-grabbing hybrid that's perfect for making a splash on the water.

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