JackRabbit XG: Where Portability Meets Electric Power for the Modern Adventurer

Compact Electric Adventure Motorbike Revolution

In the endless tapestry of life's adventures, there are some tools that stand out, tools that promise to change the way you experience the world. The JackRabbit XG feels like one such instrument. It's more than just a motorbike; it’s a ticket to spontaneity.

Imagine breezing through life at a neat 20 mph. That’s what you get with the XG. It’s all electric, silent as a whisper, letting the sounds of the world seep in. Its 500W motor ensures you're not left wanting for power, especially when you're navigating the less-trodden paths. Those 20” all-terrain tires aren’t just for show. Whether you're darting to the pits, embracing an outdoor escapade, or merely turning your mundane commutes into thrilling rides, this motorbike's got you covered.

Its lightweight nature (32 lbs to be exact) is something of a marvel. Combine that with a frame that folds flat to a mere 7 inches, and you've got a travel companion that can go anywhere with you. Car trunks, campers, RVs, or trailers – the XG stows away without a fuss. The days of cumbersome transportation are well and truly behind us.

But, let’s dive deeper into the heart of this machine: its batteries. With two swappable slots, the XG promises a range of over 20 miles. For those of us always yearning for just a bit more, the option to double that range with extra batteries is enticing. You can literally double your adventure. And these aren’t just any batteries; they meet the rigorous safety standards of UL2271 & UL2272. Speaking of standards, those worried about flight compatibility, it's FAA compliant. So, skies are indeed the limit.

The thought put into the user experience is evident. The backlit multi-function display keeps you informed, and those polished silver moto-style footpegs, they add a touch of class, a hint of rebellious spirit. Riding in the evening? Its front and rear lights will lead the way. And if the heavens decide to open up, the XG’s water resistance ensures the journey continues.

Whether you're someone with a petite frame or stand tall like a sentinel, the XG caters to a range of heights from 4’9” to 6’6”. It’s robust too, comfortably supporting up to 275 pounds. Its adaptability, from tight turns in narrow hallways to challenging inclines, showcases a design brilliance aimed at making the rider’s experience as intuitive as possible.

Priced at $1,749.99, the JackRabbit XG isn’t just another purchase. It's an investment in freedom, in exploration, in the countless stories waiting to be written. For every soul that refuses to be tethered, that thrives on movement, this motorbike is a game changer. Safe travels, and may your roads be ever winding and your horizons endlessly beckoning.


  1. 100% Electric & Quiet: Allows for an eco-friendly ride without noise pollution.
  2. Lightweight & Compact: Weighing only 32 lbs and with a frame that folds to 7 inches, it ensures portability and easy storage.
  3. Swappable Battery Slots: Offers extended range with the flexibility to swap out batteries.
  4. FAA Compliant: Ensures the bike can be taken on flights, expanding its utility for travelers.
  5. Safety Standards: Batteries are compliant with UL2271 & UL2272, and the bike adheres to CPSC safety regulations.
  6. Versatility: With 20″ all-terrain tires, it can handle various terrains, enhancing its adaptability.
  7. User-friendly Display: A backlit multi-function display provides clear data about the ride.
  8. Wide User Range: Designed to support riders from heights of 4’9” to 6’6” and up to 275 pounds.
  9. Water Resistance: IPX4 rating means it can withstand light rain and splashes, which is beneficial for varying weather conditions.


  1. Price Point: At $1,749.99, it might be seen as a significant investment and could be expensive for some.
  2. Limited Incline Capability: Max incline is 12%, which may limit its usability on steeper terrains unless manually assisted.
  3. Battery Purchase: While it boasts a swappable battery feature, additional batteries for extended range are sold separately.
  4. Charge Time: Approximately 3 hours could be long for some users, especially if on-the-go.
  5. Water Resistance Limit: IPX4 means it's resistant only to splashes and light rain; it can't be submerged or exposed to heavy rain without risk.


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