Hookie x Cake Ösa ANT Moto-Kit: Tailor Your Ride

German-engineered Ösa motorbike customization

In the sprawling expanse of our motor-driven subculture, there are few things as soul-stirring as feeling a perfect blend of design and functionality. Taking a ride on the Cake Ösa, one quickly realizes that the magic isn't just in the ride; it’s in the ability to mold the experience to your own whims.

Introducing the ANT Moto-Kit – a brainchild of pure German engineering, tailored for those who are eager to play a little game of Hookie. Crafted from 3mm Aluminum, this isn’t just a cosmetic add-on; it’s an invitation to creativity. Its body, firm yet adaptive, gives you a realm of design possibilities. The seamless integration using 3D printed clamps assures a snug fit onto the Ösa’s main frame.

But where the ANT truly shines is in its nuanced features. For those of you with a constant itch to wander, the front storage options are a godsend. A rucksack? Hook it up in a jiffy. Need space for clothes or perhaps a box of keepsakes from your last trip? The basket, nestled right atop the battery pack, awaits. And trust me, the days of tediously tying up your belongings are over. That rubber band is going to be your best travel buddy.

And if the ride is just as much about comfort as it is about aesthetics for you, the ANT has you covered. With the new plate and footrest system, find that sweet spot of comfort by adjusting the footrests. The seat? Sits almost 1cm lower than your stock option, enveloped in Vegan Alcantara. Luxurious, ethical, and incredibly comfortable.

A few more things that shouldn't go unnoticed – the LED Koso headlight casting its bright gaze forward, the subtle RAPID indicators, and the LED taillight keeping things illuminated at the rear. Every part of the kit, from the footage plates to the seat, can be colored to your own taste. And for those with an eye for detail, the FROZEN grips are a thing of tactile beauty.

The true essence of a journey isn't just about the destination or even the path; it's about the choices you make along the way. With the ANT Moto-Kit, you're not just choosing to accessorize; you're choosing to express. So, saddle up, and let the world know who you are. Express yourself, values and all. After all, life’s too short to not play a little Hookie.

And for a price tag of $2,826, made with impeccable German craftsmanship, it's a worthy investment in a ride that truly mirrors your spirit. Go ahead, make the road your own.


  1. Design Flexibility: Crafted from 3mm Aluminum, the main body offers a plethora of design opportunities, allowing users to personalize their ride.
  2. Ease of Installation: The inclusion of newly developed 3D printed clamps ensures seamless integration onto the Ösa’s main frame.
  3. Storage Solutions: With options to add luggage in the front area and a dedicated basket on the battery pack, it caters to those who carry essentials or travel gear.
  4. Adjustable Comfort: The footrest system allows riders to modify the footrests' position, and the seat is almost 1cm lower than the stock, providing an ergonomic advantage.
  5. High-Quality Materials: Use of Vegan Alcantara for the seat ensures luxury and ethical sourcing, while the Aluminum build assures durability.
  6. Integrated Lighting System: With LED Koso headlight and tail light units, as well as RAPID indicators, riders can ensure visibility and safety.
  7. Customization Options: From the main body to the seat, users have the choice of custom colors to resonate with their personal style.
  8. German Craftsmanship: Renowned for precision and durability, the “Made in Germany” tag ensures a high standard of manufacturing.


  1. Price: At $2,826, the kit might be on the pricier side for some enthusiasts.
  2. Material Concerns: While Aluminum is durable, it may be prone to scratching or denting upon heavy impact.
  3. Specific Fit: The kit is tailored for the Cake Ösa, limiting its versatility for use with other bike models.
  4. Potential Learning Curve: For those not familiar with modifying bikes, the installation and adjustments, though designed to be user-friendly, might still present challenges.


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