Honda Grom 2024: Small Package, Big Adventure

Compact, Economical, Fun, Customizable, Reliable

Stepping into the world of two wheels can be a daunting affair. But let me tell you, when you've got something like the 2024 Honda Grom at your disposal, it's like slipping into the most comfortable pair of shoes you've ever owned. It's small, it's accessible, yet it's a statement in itself. An embodiment of the ethos ‘less is more.'

I've always been a fan of embracing the unusual, and this little beast ticks all the right boxes. Powered by a feisty 124cc fuel-injected engine, it’s a reliable companion, always ready for a good romp around town or even for a casual jaunt on the highway. And let's not forget, this small wonder runs with a commendable fuel efficiency of 166.5 MPG. How's that for a conversation starter at your next gathering?

Comfort is another thing the Grom takes seriously. The seat stands at a comfortable 30 inches high, making it perfect for riders tall or short. Its thick padding ensures that those long, active days of urban exploration remain an enjoyable endeavor.

This ride also carries a rebellious streak, a desire to stand out from the crowd. The Grom’s unique bodywork and blacked-out engine, exhaust, wheels, and swingarm bestow upon it an edgy look that's hard to ignore. It also presents itself as a blank canvas for self-expression, thanks to its removable plug-and-play panels. And the fun doesn’t stop there, with accessory graphics kits available to really let your personality shine through.

The Grom’s ABS option adds a cherry on top, making for confident stops even in those less-than-ideal conditions that city life often throws at you. And for a little joy of riding at night, the LED headlight not only adds a distinctive style, but it also keeps the road well lit.

Handling? The Grom’s got that covered too. With 12-inch cast wheels and inverted fork suspension, this bike's ride feels as good as it looks. Even on choppy roads, the single rear shock ensures you're in for a smooth ride.

When it comes to performance, style, comfort, and self-expression, the 2024 Honda Grom does a fine job of melding it all together into a package that's both affordable and approachable. It’s got its quirks and nuances, but hey, isn’t that what makes things interesting? After all, the world would be a dull place if we were all the same. The Grom is your chance to break from the monotony, to be part of the colorful fabric of life, all while having a blast doing it. So, ready to GO GROM?

Pros of the 2024 Honda Grom:

  1. Engine Performance: With its 124cc fuel-injected engine, the Grom is compact but packs an impressive punch, providing reliable performance.
  2. Comfortable Design: The low seat height and thick padding make it ideal for riders of varying heights. It's easy to control, even in stop-and-go traffic.
  3. Strong Braking System: Equipped with 220mm front and 190mm rear single disc brakes, the Grom offers robust stopping power, which enhances safety.
  4. Customizable Appearance: The Grom's unique bodywork can be easily removed for personal customization, making it a bike for self-expression.
  5. Advanced Technology: Its LED projector-style headlight and tail light, and multifunction digital instrument display make it stand out among other bikes in its category.
  6. Safety Features: The optional Honda Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) gives riders added confidence and safety when riding in difficult conditions.
  7. Great Handling: The 12-inch cast wheels and the inverted hydraulic fork front suspension provide a smooth ride and excellent control.
  8. Economical: With its impressive fuel economy of 166.5 MPG and affordable price point, it's an economical choice for many riders.

Cons of the 2024 Honda Grom:

  1. Limited Top Speed: Despite its five-speed transmission, the Grom's top speed is still relatively limited compared to larger motorcycles, which may not be ideal for highway cruising.
  2. Not Ideal for Long Rides: While the Grom's seat is padded, it might not be the most comfortable choice for extended rides.
  3. Limited Off-Road Capabilities: While it handles well in urban environments, it may not perform as well off-road due to its small size and low ground clearance.
  4. Fuel Capacity: With a fuel capacity of just 1.6 gallons, frequent refueling may be necessary, especially on longer trips.
  5. Not Suitable for Taller Riders: Despite the comfortable padding, the Grom's seat might be uncomfortable for taller riders over long periods.
  6. Small Size: While its compact size is a pro for some, for others, particularly larger riders, it may feel too small or cramped.

Starting $3,599

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