Helinox Cot One Convertible Series: Elevate Your Camping Experience

Elevated, Comfortable, Lightweight, Durable Cot

Sometimes, after a long, grueling day of traversing uncharted terrains or threading through the thick wilderness, your body cries out for a haven to rest. That's where Helinox steps in, transforming the very essence of outdoor slumber with their Cot One Convertible series. It's not just about avoiding the frigid embrace of the ground; it’s about cradling your weary bones in a sanctuary of comfort and support.

Take the original Cot One Convertible, for example. Weighing just over a paltry five pounds, it’s a marvel of engineering. Some ardent backpackers have been known to shun their traditional bedrolls, opting instead to strap this beauty to their packs for the promise of an undisturbed night under the stars. And if the allure of the wild has you exploring by bike, on water, or hunting, this compact, lightweight marvel is ready to support up to a whopping 320 pounds of adventurer.

Now, if the elements are proving a formidable adversary, the Insulated Cot One Convertible stands ready. With an R5 insulated pad integrated into its design, this cot ensures that even in the frostiest of conditions, your slumber will be warm and unbroken. Weighing in at just under seven pounds, this four-season fortress is a testament to Helinox’s commitment to innovation.

For the tactical minded, the Tactical Cot One Convertible brings military precision and durability to the table. It’s a robust option for those who demand a little more resilience from their gear. With the same weight and dimensions as the original, it stands as a stalwart companion in the unforgiving wild.

And for those among us who crave a bit more space to stretch and turn, Helinox presents the Cot One Convertible Long and the Cot One Max Convertible. The former adds a generous seven and a half inches to its length, ensuring even the tallest of adventurers won’t find their feet dangling in the night breeze. The Max, on the other hand, broadens your sleeping horizons with an extra two and a half inches in width and a length to match the Long version.

Helinox doesn’t play games when it comes to durability. The aluminum alloy frame on these cots is of a higher grade than what’s used in aircraft, ensuring your investment stands the test of time and terrain. And with components held together by cord, assembly is a breeze, leaving more time for storytelling and stargazing.

Each variant in the Cot One Convertible series comes backed with a five-year warranty, a testament to the faith Helinox has in their craftsmanship. Whether you’re suspended in a forest canopy, perched on a mountain ledge, or nestled in a quiet field, Helinox ensures that when the night comes, you’re not just surviving; you’re thriving.

And while the prices range from $349.95 to $479.95, it’s a small price to pay for the assurance of a serene slumber, leaving you rejuvenated and ready to conquer whatever the wild throws at you the next day. This is not just camping gear; this is your ticket to a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors.


  1. Lightweight Design: The Helinox Cot One Convertible series offers a lightweight option for campers and backpackers, making it easier to carry around during outdoor adventures.
  2. Off-Ground Comfort: These cots ensure that users are elevated from the cold, hard ground, providing a more comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.
  3. Durability: With frames made from high-grade aluminum alloy, these cots are built to last, ensuring a long product lifespan.
  4. Ease of Assembly: The components are connected with cords, which makes assembling the cot straightforward and quick.
  5. Variety of Options: Helinox provides several variants of the Cot One Convertible, catering to different needs, such as additional length for taller individuals and an insulated option for colder environments.
  6. High Weight Capacity: Each cot in the series can support up to 320 lbs, accommodating a wide range of users.
  7. Compactness: When packed, the cots take up minimal space, making them a convenient option for space-conscious campers and backpackers.
  8. Five-Year Warranty: Helinox offers a generous five-year warranty, providing customers with a sense of security and trust in the product’s quality.
  9. Versatility: These cots are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, including camping, backpacking, rafting, biking, fishing, and hunting.


  1. Price: The Cot One Convertible series is relatively expensive, which might make it a less attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Heavier Compared to Sleeping Pads: While the cots are lightweight for their category, they are still heavier than traditional sleeping pads, which might be a downside for ultralight backpackers.
  3. Limited Insulation: Except for the insulated variant, the cots do not provide significant insulation from the ground, which might necessitate an additional sleeping pad in colder conditions.
  4. Size When Packed: Although compact, the cots might still be too bulky for backpackers with very limited space.
  5. Setup Time: While assembly is straightforward, it does take more time to set up a cot compared to simply rolling out a sleeping pad.
  6. Potential for Parts to Malfunction: Given the cot’s design with multiple components, there’s a potential for parts to malfunction or get lost, especially with frequent use.

From $349.95

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