Haven XL: Supreme Comfort Meets Versatility – The Ultimate Camping Hammock

Spacious, Comfortable, Lightweight, Waterproof, Bug-Proof

This, my friends, is the Haven XL – a testament to comfort and rugged simplicity. Bigger than its predecessor, it's a camping hammock that laughs in the face of the traditional notion of ‘capacity.' It welcomes heavy weight, embraces the tallest among us, and stretches out wide for all to feel at ease.

Yet, despite its hefty design, the Haven XL has an uncanny knack for collapsing into a lightweight kit. Everything you need, from hammock to rainfly, bug net to stakes, it's all there. A travelling companion without the unnecessary bulk – all too rare these days.

Now, let's talk about comfort. There's an optional insulated sleeping pad that fits right into the hammock, providing the structure it needs for that perfectly flat setup. It’s a thoughtful addition that truly promotes the Haven XL to the realm of ‘best hammock for sleeping' – a realm it rightly deserves to rule.

The creators of the Haven XL respect nature, yes, but they don’t let it intrude where it’s not welcome. You see, they've fortified this fortress with a waterproofing score of 4000mm for the rainfly and 3000mm for the hammock body. Rain, dew, mist – they're all uninvited guests, kept politely yet firmly at bay. And the zip-up bug net, that's your personal bodyguard against tiny intruders who just don't get the concept of personal space.

The materials chosen for the Haven XL are a testament to a well-balanced game of trade-offs. The ripstop polyester hammock bottom and sidewalls, and the choice between lightweight or standard rainfly, ensures weight is kept to a minimum without compromising on waterproofing.

Speaking of dimensions, the Haven XL stretches out to a comfortable 80 inches in length and a generous 30 inches in width, providing an ample canvas for your resting needs. When packed, it snuggly tucks away into a 16x8x5.5 inches bundle. As for the total weight, with the insulated pad, it comes in at 7 pounds 10.5 ounces. Without it, you're looking at a slight 4 pounds 14.6 ounces. The rainfly? A mere 13.4 ounces, but with coverage that spreads a protective wing of 78.5×112 inches over you.

Yes, all of this does come at a price – $340 to be precise. But, in my humble opinion, the experience, the comfort, the protection – they're worth it. And if you find it isn't to your taste? The folks at Haven offer a hassle-free exchange and return policy. But I'm betting, once you've tasted the luxury of the Haven XL, you'll never want to part with it. So, adventurers, explorers, lovers of the great outdoors – this is the one you've been waiting for.


  1. Size and Capacity: The Haven XL is designed to accommodate heavier weights and taller individuals, making it a versatile choice for a range of campers.
  2. Lightweight and Portable: Despite its larger size, the Haven XL is able to condense into a conveniently lightweight and portable kit.
  3. Complete Camping Kit: The full Haven XL kit provides you with everything you need for camping – hammock, rainfly, bug net, straps, stakes, and guy lines.
  4. Insulated Sleeping Pad Option: You have the option of adding an insulated sleeping pad designed to fit snugly inside the hammock, providing a flatter, more comfortable sleeping surface.
  5. Weather and Bug Resistant: With a waterproofing rating of 4000mm for the rainfly and 3000mm for the hammock body, the Haven XL can withstand the elements. Plus, the zip-up bug net keeps you safe from pesky insects.
  6. Quality Materials: The use of 70d and 40d ripstop polyester for the hammock bottom and sidewalls, and the option between 20d ripstop nylon or 210T polyester for the rainfly, results in a robust yet lightweight structure.
  7. Hassle-Free Exchanges and Returns: Haven Tents offers a seamless exchange or return process if you're not satisfied with your purchase.


  1. Price: The Haven XL is priced at $340, which may be a significant investment for some, particularly for casual or first-time campers.
  2. Setup Complexity: The Haven XL includes a lot of components, which could potentially make setup more complex and time-consuming compared to simpler, more traditional camping hammocks.
  3. Weight with Insulated Pad: While relatively light for its size, the total weight with the insulated pad is over 7 pounds, which may be a consideration for lightweight backpackers or hikers covering long distances.
  4. Insulated Pad not Included: The insulated pad, while recommended for optimal comfort, is not included as part of the base kit and represents an additional cost.


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