Greyp G12 Bike – Motorised Bicycle

Sometimes when it comes to bikes, it's nice to have options. The Greyp gives you options; it's a bicycle when you want it, a motorcycle when you need it. With a maximum speed of 40 miles/hour and a range of 75 miles it seems like a great way to get around the city, whether you choose to pedal, use battery power, or both. It only takes the battery 80 minutes to reach full charge. The heavy duty suspension system makes it perfect for off road as well. You can also use you finger to activate the bike, even use different fingers to toggle between the two different modes: Street and Speed. Street mode limits the speed to about 15 miles/hour to be legal on the streets especially in most EU countries. Speed mode allows you to reach the maximum speed of 40 miles/hour. It's the super car of bicycles and beautiful one at that.

$8000 Buy

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