Trek Super Commuter+ 8s Wants to Replace your Car

There is no way an electric bike can replace a car for your commute to work unless work is not too far away (ideally less than 10 miles or 20 miles at most) and with weather conditions suitable for riding. If at least these two conditions are met, you’d do well with the Trek Super Commuter+ 8S .

It can go up to 28 mph and has a range of up 80 miles of pedal assist depending on many factors including settings, weather, and road conditions. The range could also go as low as 18 miles with the 4x setting but the battery is removable so you could swap it out if you have an extra battery and get more range.

The Super Commuter+ 8S was a Fiets Awards 2017 e-Bike of the Year Award winner.

Update: The Super Commuter is no longer available but it is replaced with other commuter bikes at

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