GreenPlax® Fish Water Shoes: Embrace the Future of Eco-Friendly Footwear!

Sustainable, Versatile, Comfortable, Water-Friendly, Innovative

Imagine the gentle kiss of ocean waves on the sandy shores, a sensation that lingers on your skin long after the tide recedes. Now, picture that very essence captured and woven into a pair of shoes—GreenPlax® Fish. These eco-conscious water shoes are not just an accessory; they're a statement, a philosophy, a step forward into a sustainable future, harnessing the power of the ocean's most underestimated treasures.

The dance of GreenPlax® Fish begins with the delicate fusion of recycling and style. The shoes are born from aquacultural waste and ocean plastics, offering a harmonious blend of functionality, comfort, and environmental consciousness. From the beach to the city streets, these shoes accompany you with grace, adapting to your adventures from land to sea.

The elegance of GreenPlax® Fish lies in its modular design. With three different components, you're provided with the freedom to create, explore, and experience the world through a unique pair of shoes. Be it a summer beach getaway, a chill day at home, or a regular day flaunting your style, the GreenPlax® Fish seems to whisper, “I've got you covered.”

And they're more than just aesthetically pleasing. These shoes are designed to embrace you, nurture you. Each shoe, as lightweight as a feather, carries with it a refreshing breathability that feels almost like wearing nothing. The nanoparticles create a surface reminiscent of the self-cleaning Lotus Effect, an enchanting hydrophobic surface that defies stains and wicks moisture, leaving your feet fresh and healthy.

But GreenPlax® Fish doesn't stop there. The beauty transcends the superficial. Digging into the core of the product, one can't help but marvel at the integration of collagen extracted from fish scales. Recognized for its rejuvenating properties, collagen finds its way into the shoe material, offering a sustainable and nourishing experience that revitalizes the very soul of your feet.

And speaking of the soul, the anatomically supportive TarSole® echoes the rhythm of your natural movement. Designed to mimic the 26 bones of the human foot, it offers a dance of flexibility and support, leading you gracefully through every step of your day, dry or wet.

The very essence of the sea also takes form in the color palette. With hues like Mermaid Blue, Sea Foam White, Squid Ink Black, and Aqua Cyan, every glance at your feet becomes a plunge into the ocean's depths.

Even the pricing seems to be crafted with the same thoughtfulness. Starting at an early bird Kickstarter price of $69 for the GreenPlax® Fish, the promise of sustainability does not weigh heavy on the wallet.

Yet, it's not just about the product; it's a movement, an ongoing journey toward an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Each stride you take in GreenPlax® Fish is a stride towards a greener world.

The true beauty of GreenPlax® Fish lies not just in what they are but in what they represent—a marriage of innovation, compassion, sustainability, and style. They are more than shoes; they are a manifesto, an invitation to explore more with less waste, a harmonious dance with nature. In a world teetering on the brink, GreenPlax® Fish is a step in the right direction.

It's time to lace up, step forward, and let your feet sing the symphony of the sea. After all, the dance floor of the world awaits, and with GreenPlax® Fish, you're always in step.v


  1. Sustainability: Made of 30% recycled plastic bottles and 70% Eco-EVA, the materials are turned into sustainable footwear, helping ease environmental effects.
  2. Versatility: The modular design allows for 3 ways to wear them, adapting to different occasions and needs.
  3. Comfort: The memory foam insole, shock absorption, and lightweight design offer supreme comfort for all-day wear.
  4. Water-Friendly: Suitable for both land and water activities, with quick-drying properties.
  5. Odor-Resistant and Waterproof: Keeps feet fresh and dry.
  6. Durable and Breathable: Built to last while providing ample breathability for healthy feet.
  7. Innovative Technologies: Incorporates cutting-edge technologies like nanotechnology, collagen peptides, and hydrophobic surface.
  8. Health Benefits: The UMORFIL® Collagen Moisturizing Indoor Shoes offers benefits like skin hydration and anti-allergenic properties.
  9. Certified and Awarded: A proud part of B Corporations with several global design and innovation awards.


  1. Price: Starting at $69 for early bird Kickstarter price, it might be considered expensive for some.
  2. Limited Color Options: With only a handful of color choices, this may not suit everyone's taste.
  3. New Technology Adoption: The innovative technologies may require a learning curve to fully appreciate or utilize the various features.
  4. Availability: Being a Kickstarter project, availability and fulfillment could be an issue depending on the project's success.

The GreenPlax® Fish offers a comprehensive package for those seeking comfort, versatility, and a commitment to sustainability. However, the price and limited color options might not appeal to all. Additionally, potential uncertainty related to the Kickstarter nature of the product and adoption of new technologies could be a concern for some consumers.

From $69

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