GoSt-Barefoots Paleos PRONATIVE Chain Mail Shoes

Life can often be a bland dish, under-seasoned with monotony and the daily grind. Yet there are elements in our existence that can sprinkle just the right amount of adventure and thrill into our routines, elements that encourage us to step off the well-trodden path and truly sink our teeth into the raw, untamed flavors of the world around us. That's what PRONATIV brings to the table.

With the fluidity of movement and the promise of endurance that PRONATIV exudes, it's like having a culinary knife, skillfully designed for precision and versatility, fitted snugly on your feet. This is not just footwear; it's a tool, a catalyst, a passport to the unexplored terrains that lie in the hinterlands of our comfort zones.

Think of it as a masterfully engineered utensil that complements your minimalist shoes or those run-of-the-mill sneakers that barely skim the surface of your need for adventure. It's like that secret ingredient in your grandmother's recipe that makes a world of difference; the “Multi-Paws” on the PRONATIV might seem small but they're the secret spice, that slight edge that enhances grip and adaptability on a variety of surfaces – a veritable Swiss army knife for your feet.

Whether you are flirting with the soft, inviting grains of sandy beaches in the PRONATIV PURE, exploring the wet, water-kissed terrains with the PRONATIV WATER, wandering through a rich, heterogeneous mix of soils in the PRONATIV SOIL, or conquering rocky landscapes with the PRONATIV CLIFF, each shoe is its own adventure, its own unique sensory experience.

And much like the complexities and layers of flavors that unveil themselves in a well-crafted dish, each model of PRONATIV is meticulously tailored for specific activities. From fishing and snorkeling to archery and dog sports, these shoes don't just make the journey possible, they make it vibrant, immersive, and downright unforgettable.

The beauty of these Paleos is that they're designed for those ready to take the plunge, to trade the paved streets and cozy trails for the wild, uncharted territories that lie beyond. If you are one of those restless souls yearning for the thrill of the new, the shock of the unknown, then these are the shoes for you.

So, to all the intrepid explorers, the bold adventurers, and those who find joy in the details, in the diversity of life – to those who, like me, understand that it's the journey, not just the destination, that matters – take that step. Embrace the opportunity to experience the world in its raw, glorious intensity. PRONATIV is more than just a barefoot shoe; it's your passport to a world of undiluted experience and sensation. And isn't that what life is all about?

Pros of the PRONATIV Range:

  1. Versatility: Each model is designed for a specific type of terrain, offering a wide range of applications, from sandy beaches and muddy paths to rocky landscapes.
  2. Enhanced Sensation: The barefoot design gives users a heightened sense of the ground, offering an almost primal connection to the earth that regular shoes often insulate us from.
  3. Strengthens Feet: By encouraging a more natural running and walking style, these shoes can help train and strengthen feet over time.
  4. Adjustable Fit: The intelligent lacing system offers flexibility and an improved fit to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes and sizes.
  5. Lightweight: Even with the “Multi-Paws”, each shoe weighs less than 225g (EU size 42), making them an easy addition to any outdoor gear.
  6. Protection: The Paleos®INSOLES are designed to prevent damage from sharp objects like thistles or sea urchins, providing an added layer of protection for your feet.

Cons of the PRONATIV Range:

  1. Price: The PRONATIV range is quite expensive, starting from €268.07 for the PRONATIV PURE and going up to €318.49 for the PRONATIV CLIFF.
  2. Limited Use: Each model is designed for specific terrains and may not perform as well on others. For instance, the PRONATIV PURE is not recommended for use on hard or rocky terrains.
  3. Adaptation Period: For beginners, transitioning to barefoot shoes can take some time and may initially cause discomfort or strain.
  4. Maintenance: As these shoes are meant to be worn in outdoor, natural environments, they may require more cleaning and care compared to traditional shoes.
  5. Limited protection: Using the PRONATIV on hard terrain with gravel or rock maybe too painful for some. Also, you'll be able to feel the heat on hot days.


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