GoSt-Barefoots Paleos PRONATIVE Chain Mail Shoes

If you like running without shoes, consider giving your feet at least some protection with the Paleos®PRONATIV (Ultra) chain mail shoes, which is said to protect your feet from rocks and other sharp objects on the trail without taking away the sensation of being barefoot. The PRONATIV is at the top of the Ultra range and designed for trekking the great outdoors and is suitable for mud. The quick lacing system keeps the chain mail bootie snug on your foot. Like all in the Ultra range, the PRONATIV can be fitted with Multi-Paws, which gives you extra grip and protection. Also known as PaleoBarefoots® PRONATIV.

If you want to know some of the claimed benefits of going barefoot, you might want to read the book “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever.” (It's kinda weird)

About Running Barefoot

Some studies suggest that barefoot running minimises running-related injuries because it forces you to land on your mid-foot or front-foot when you run instead of your heel – the way some scientists claim that you naturally run. However, running barefoot has the potential of causing foot injury and infection due to sharp objects on the ground. But people like Harvard professor Daniel Lieberman do it anyway and apparently without injury.

If barefoot running is not the way you naturally run, some studies suggest that it might be a good idea to start slow or even forget about barefoot running and just run the way you naturally run.

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