Garmin Quatix 5 – Smartwatch Designed for the Water

Smartwatches are usually designed primarily for land based activities with considerations for marine activities like swimming.

The Garmin Quatix 5, on the other hand, is designed first for marine based activities like fishing and sailing with considerations for land-based activities.

That means the Quatix 5 has more functions and therefore more useful for marine activities than other smartwatches.

For example, it has anchor alarm to warn you if your boat is drifting and can calculate the length of anchor line you should use. There’s also a fish log and competition timer for fishing.

Other features include connectivity with Garmin chart plotters, sail racing assist, heart rate monitor, and GPS.

The Quatix 5 also works great for everyday use as a timepiece, activity tracker, or paired with a smartphone for the usual smartwatch features like receiving calls and getting text and email notifications. Water rated to 100 meters and has a color display that’s easily readable in any light.

There's an an update to the Quatix 5 available.

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