From Scrap to Speed: Building the Ultimate Full-Scale RC Car

Full-scale RC car, power-packed

Ah, the joy of taking dreams by the reins and dragging them, kicking and screaming, into reality – now that's something I can get behind. Sur Ronster, a name synonymous with relentless energy and creativity, has managed to pull off something truly extraordinary.

He took his boyhood fantasy of shrinking himself down to fit into a remote-controlled car, and with the sober realization that he couldn't defy the laws of physics and biology (at least not yet), he took an alternate path. And what a journey it has been!

Teaming up with Domo from Suprvolt, they created an electric kart, an ode to the humble RC buggy of our collective childhood. But this isn't just any electric kart. Underneath that scrap metal frame, sketched and created with such hands-on dedication, sits a Surron Storm Bee motor, Surron's titan of a power source, fed by a 72V artic leopard battery with a BAC8000 controller. And that spoiler? Pure audacity.

Two separate braking systems show a keen attention to the nuances of control – pedals managing the front brakes and a handbrake reigning in the rear. These, along with the bucket seats, lend a primal, gritty feel to the kart, a testament to Sur Ronster's desire for authenticity and control.

When he let loose this machine, he found it to be a beast of pure, untamed power. It's said that a wild stallion is tough to break in, and this electric kart seemed no different. A bit too much to handle at the start, yes, but that's just part of the thrill, isn't it?

It roared past its diminutive inspiration in a street race, displaying an exhilarating, raw prowess. The streets became its playground, and it hit a whopping 62 mph, although our daredevil driver was reluctant to push it further. The strength of this mechanical beast, combined with its unexpected exhaustion of battery, does make one consider the delicate balance of power and endurance.

But as exciting as it might be, it's not street-legal, and that's a reminder of the need to respect the rules of the road, no matter how adventurous our spirits might be. There's an undeniable charm to this full-scale RC Car – a testament to dreams, ingenuity, and a dash of audacious madness. In a world often too concerned with practicality, ventures like these keep the embers of pure fun and innovation burning bright. So here's to Sur Ronster and all dreamers out there, continuing to push the boundaries of possibility.

This intriguing full-scale RC car created by Sur Ronster and Domo from Suprvolt comes with its unique set of advantages and drawbacks. Here are some key points to consider:


  1. Innovation and Fun Factor: This is a unique, innovative product that provides a high fun factor. It's the realization of a childhood dream, taking the concept of an RC car to a whole new level.
  2. Power and Speed: The Surron Storm Bee motor is a powerful driving force, allowing the car to reach impressive speeds of up to 70 mph.
  3. Built for Control: The dual braking systems with pedals controlling the front brakes and a handbrake for the rear brakes ensure greater control over the vehicle.
  4. Durable and Robust: The handcrafted frame made from scrap metal adds to its durability and ruggedness.
  5. Comfortable Ride: Thanks to the full suspension system, this full-scale RC car can offer a more comfortable ride than regular go-karts.


  1. Not Street Legal: This might be one of the biggest drawbacks. Not being street legal limits the places where it can be used and could result in legal complications.
  2. Difficulty in Handling: The power of the vehicle might make it challenging to handle, especially for those unfamiliar with such powerful machines.
  3. Battery Life: As demonstrated during its test run, the car ran out of battery unexpectedly. This could be a significant inconvenience and potentially leave the driver stranded.
  4. Safety Concerns: Given its high speed, there might be safety concerns, particularly if the driver is not experienced or if the vehicle is used in unsuitable environments.

Remember, this kind of product is all about fun and thrill, so certain aspects might be trade-offs to keep the authentic RC car feeling. It's an adrenaline-pumping machine that showcases the power of human creativity and the spirit of daring innovation.

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