Forclaz 20 L Backpack: Unfold Adventure with Waterproof Assurance

Compact, lightweight, waterproof adventure gear

Imagine you're setting off at the crack of dawn, the city's hustle behind you, and the untouched trails ahead. There's a particular thrill in carrying everything you need on your back, feeling that lightness that comes with being prepared but not overburdened. That's where this clever little backpack comes into play.

Picture this: a pack so compact it tucks into a pocket in your larger gear, unfolding only when you need it. This isn't just any backpack; it's a companion for those spontaneous detours or those moments when you find a local market and you need just a bit more space for keepsakes. It's a 20-liter wonder, featherlight at 145 grams, yet it's as rugged as they come—thanks to its durable materials and reinforced assemblies. And should the skies open up, this pack keeps your finds dry with its waterproof fabric rated at 2,000 Schmerbers and the kind of taped seams you'd trust on a canyoning adventure.

Adjustable straps make for a comfortable carry, crucial when you're navigating the unpredictable. There's even a chest strap for that extra bit of stability when the path gets less certain. And despite its packable nature, there's no skimping on durability here. It's a piece of gear that's in for the long haul, backed by a two-year guarantee.

From its canyon-inspired roll-top closure to the anti-intrusion design, this backpack is a testament to thoughtful engineering. It's the kind of minimalism that doesn't feel like a compromise. So whether you're a day-tripper or a seasoned wanderer, this is the sort of gear that understands the journey is about more than just the destination—it's about being ready for whatever the path offers, without being weighed down by the ‘just in case.'


  1. Ultra-Lightweight: At just 145 g, it's perfect for those looking to travel light.
  2. Compact Design: Folds into itself for easy storage in another bag.
  3. Waterproof: Made with water-resistant fabric and taped seams to protect contents from rain.
  4. Capacity: 20 L volume is spacious enough for essentials on a day trip.
  5. Comfort: Adjustable straps and chest strap improve fit and comfort.
  6. Durability: Heavy-duty material and reinforced assemblies, backed by a 2-year warranty.
  7. Innovative Closure: Roll-top closure inspired by canyoning gear for enhanced waterproofing.


  1. Limited Organization: Lacks additional compartments for organization.
  2. No Waist Strap: Might not be as secure for more rigorous activities without a waist strap.
  3. Water Resistance Limit: Although waterproof, it's only rated up to 2,000 Schmerbers, which may not withstand heavy, persistent rain.
  4. Material Stiffness: Some may find the waterproof material less flexible compared to non-waterproof fabrics.
  5. Country of Origin Concerns: Made in China, which could raise concerns about manufacturing ethics for some consumers.
  6. Limited Color and Style Options: May not appeal to those looking for a more personalized or varied aesthetic.


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