Flux Primo Electric Dirt Bike: Flux Performance’s Trailblazing Prototype

Electric, Powerful, Innovative, Clean, Agile

The world of dirt bikes has long been characterized by the unmistakable roar of a two-stroke engine. That ear-splitting clatter, though nostalgic, is giving way to a new era – one that’s quieter, cleaner, and, dare I say, just as thrilling. The sound of the future? It's the whisper of rubber tires against dirt and the gentle hum of an electric motor.

Slovenia's Flux Performance seems to be one of the front-runners in this emerging scene with their Flux Primo. This isn't some half-baked idea; it's a promising prototype that has left a mark, evident from their captivating introductory video.

At its core, the Primo is a technical marvel. Built around a lightweight aluminum frame, it boasts a design that promises agility with its low center of gravity. Add to this the KYB suspension forks and the Öhlins TTX shock, and you've got a machine ready to conquer any rugged landscape.

But what truly intrigued me was the heart of the Primo – its power source. While specific details on its water-cooled electric motor remain shrouded in mystery, we do know that this beast comes with a single-speed two-stage transmission. What's even more fascinating is the digital lever, which serves as a virtual clutch. A digitized approach to classic bike mechanics seems to be the theme here, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The electronic brains of the Primo are hard at work, gathering data to hone its performance and increase rider safety. This bike isn’t just built; it’s being evolved.

The 450-V/7-kWh battery, made up of 432 cells, seems a bit on the smaller side when compared to other electric motorcycles. However, for its intended purpose – dirt biking – it seems optimal, especially with the promise of swappable batteries. Imagine the convenience: a battery running low can be exchanged for a fully charged one in under a minute. This alone could be a game-changer.

As for the performance, the company's audacious claim is that the Primo can outdo any 450cc dirt bike, boasting an impressive 85 horsepower. Its software-defined approach allows for unparalleled customization and fine-tuning, and this “digital clutch” – a term I find intriguing – further exemplifies the melding of traditional biking with the digital age.

Marko Ukota, Flux Performance’s CEO, emphasized their vision for the future, where riding is an experience of true freedom. The Primo is not just a product; it’s the beginning of a community, a movement that seeks to shift the status quo. Their goal is clear: to build electric motorcycles that aren't just an alternative but are superior to their gas-powered counterparts.

However, one hiccup seems to be their production timeline. Final production is set to kick off by the end of 2024, but deliveries won't start until the end of 2025. While anticipation can be tantalizing, a year-long wait might test the patience of many eager riders.

In conclusion, the Flux Primo paints a vivid picture of the future of dirt biking – quieter, cleaner, and brimming with innovation. Whether it will live up to its claims remains to be seen, but for now, it certainly promises an exciting ride into tomorrow. Dirt biking enthusiasts, keep your helmets ready and your ears open – the future might be quieter than you think.


  1. Quiet and Clean: Electric motos like the Flux Primo offer a more environmentally friendly and quieter alternative to the traditional two-stroke engines.
  2. Innovative Design: A lightweight aluminum frame with a low center of gravity ensures agility and performance.
  3. High-Quality Suspension: The combination of KYB suspension forks and the Öhlins TTX shock promises a smooth ride on rugged terrains.
  4. Swappable Battery: The Primo's 450-V/7-kWh battery can be swapped out in under a minute, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous rides.
  5. Digital Innovations: The digital lever or virtual clutch allows for precise control. Furthermore, the software-defined approach offers unmatched customization and fine-tuning for riders.
  6. Safety and Performance Data: With sensors gathering data on g-forces, lean angles, and wheel speeds, algorithms are developed to enhance bike performance and safety.
  7. Impressive Power: The company claims an 85 horsepower peak power rating, suggesting that it can outperform any 450cc dirt bike.
  8. Community Focus: CEO Marko Ukota emphasizes building not just a bike but a community, suggesting a long-term vision and commitment.


  1. Delayed Production: Even though the production is slated to begin by the end of 2024, deliveries won't start until a year later, which could test potential buyers' patience.
  2. Limited Details on Motor: Specifics about the water-cooled electric motor remain undisclosed, leaving potential buyers in the dark about some performance aspects.
  3. Prototype Stage: The Primo is still in its prototype phase. Real-world performance and reliability remain to be validated through extensive testing and user feedback.
  4. Battery Size: While optimized for dirt biking, the 7 kWh battery is smaller in capacity compared to some other electric motorcycles. It may not be suitable for those looking for long-distance rides without frequent battery swaps.
  5. Cost: With an early bird price of €12,000 (about US$12,700), it might be considered steep for some enthusiasts, especially given the competitive electric bike market.


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