FLEXTAIL EVO ICER: Revolutionizing Portable Ice Making for Outdoor Adventures

Fast, portable, cordless ice-maker

In my travels, both near and far, I've experienced the highs and lows of adventure – the thrill of discovering a new trail, the shared laughter around a beach bonfire, the gratification of a successful tailgate party, and yes, the drudgery of lugging around clunky equipment that promises comfort but delivers inconvenience.

The FLEXTAIL EVO ICER appears to be a game-changer. This portable ice maker is much like that friend who shows up at the right moment, with the right stuff. It's dependable, easy to carry, and even, dare I say, a bit of a party animal. The fact that it churns out 12 perfect ice cubes in just five minutes is music to the ears of any active outdoors enthusiast. Just imagine – that's a frosty beverage in hand, a fresh catch on ice, or just cool relief on a hot day, all within the span of a short conversation.

This device really stands out for its portability and autonomy. Weighing a comfortable 20lbs, with a compact 12-inch frame, it's designed to go where you go. That's freedom, my friends. Freedom to explore and wander without being tethered to cords and cables. And did I mention the impressive 3-hour battery life? You could essentially make over 400 ice cubes on a single charge, a remarkable feat considering you're likely to be in the wild, away from any power outlets.

The EVO ICER brings an innovation that I particularly admire – the AIRVORTECH™ micro motor, which along with IceBurstX™ Rapid Refrigeration Technique, promises not only superior performance but also improved efficiency. It's a perfect marriage of ingenuity and function that allows the device to make ice faster than its competitors, even in extreme temperatures. Plus, its eco-friendly choice of refrigerant and anti-leak design assures you that your thirst-quenching cubes are safe and free from contaminants.

This is not just a machine; it's a well-considered piece of equipment for the modern adventurer. The multiple ice-making modes offer you versatility depending on your needs, and the alerts for low water, overflow, or battery depletion are thoughtful touches that prove the makers have their users' convenience at heart. Even the whisper-quiet operation at 50db is a boon, ensuring that your peace is undisturbed as you chill (literally and figuratively).

FLEXTAIL's crowdfunding success stories are a testament to their commitment to quality and reliability. With the EVO ICER, they seem to be on the right path yet again, offering a robust and practical solution to the age-old problem of keeping your drinks cold and your food fresh while in the great outdoors.

To wrap up, whether you're a camper, beachgoer, RV traveler, tailgate party enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys the freedom of outdoor activities, the EVO ICER could be your ticket to an even cooler summer. And with the current Early Bird prices offering significant savings, it might just be the right time to grab one (or two!) and step up your game.


  1. Portability: Weighing just 20lbs and with a compact 12-inch design, the EVO ICER is designed to be taken anywhere, making it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures.
  2. Rapid Ice Production: The EVO ICER boasts an impressive ice-making speed, producing the first batch of 12 ice cubes in just 9 minutes and subsequent batches in 5 minutes. This significantly reduces the waiting time for ice, especially compared to traditional ice makers.
  3. Long Battery Life: With a built-in 200wh battery that can last for 3 hours, the EVO ICER can make over 400 ice cubes on a single charge. This is particularly useful in remote areas without access to electricity.
  4. Efficient Cooling System: The device features an advanced AIRVORTECH™ micro motor and IceBurstX™ Rapid Refrigeration Technique, providing efficient and fast cooling even in high-temperature environments.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: The EVO ICER uses a natural, non-toxic refrigerant, R290, which is one of the most eco-friendly refrigerants available.
  6. Versatility: With three different ice-making modes, the device caters to various user needs and occasions.
  7. Quiet Operation: The EVO ICER operates at a low noise level of 50db, so it doesn't disturb your peace during outdoor activities.


  1. Price: Even with the Early Bird discount, the EVO ICER's price is relatively high, which could deter some potential buyers.
  2. Dependent on Battery Life: While the 3-hour battery life is impressive, for longer trips without access to power sources for recharging, this might pose a limitation.
  3. Limited Ice Storage: The device only holds a certain number of ice cubes at a time. If you have a larger gathering, you might have to empty the tray frequently to keep up with demand.
  4. Single Cube Size: It seems that the EVO ICER produces one size of ice cubes. Some users might prefer the option to customize the size of their ice cubes.
  5. Learning Curve: With multiple modes and features, new users may need some time to fully understand and efficiently use the device.

Overall, the EVO ICER offers a unique solution for outdoor enthusiasts, promising portability, quick ice-making, and eco-friendly operation. Its cons mainly revolve around the price and limitations inherent in a portable device, which are points to consider before making a purchase.


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