Flectr Clip increases visibility to keep you safe

Be seen and be safe

Flectr won a few awards in the past for its reflectors. The Flectre Zero was the finalist in the ISPO BrandNew Award 2017, won the Eurobike Award 2017 and the German Design Award 2018 and the Flectre 360 won the Eurobike Award 2018

They use a highly reflective microprismatic material and applied it to good design for cyclist. Now with the Flectr Clip, they've made their award winning reflectors available for joggers and pedestrians as well as cyclists.

To be seen, it's good to have as many reflectors as you can. Lights are great too and you should probably use both especially when your cycling. But reflectors are cheap, light, maintenance-free, and don't need batteries. With Flectr Clip reflectors you can mount them just about anywhere.

Reflectors can be more effective than lights alone because they can cover a larger surface area providing a greater opportunity to be seen. Especially when they're good reflectors like Flectr's

However, reflectors need a source of light to work. The source can come from car headlights, street ligths, or your own lights. It's probably not a good idea to only use reflectors when it's really dark. In some places you are legally required to have both lights and reflectors for night riding.

Awards won by Flectr reflectors

Awards won by Flectr reflectors

Three types of designs

Flectr Clip comes in three designs. These designs differ in the way they are mounted. All are reflective on both sides and destruction proof so they should last a lifetime.

The strap mount design fits any webbing up to 2″ (52 mm) width and has fluorescent lime green color in front and silver at the back.

The saddle mount version mounts of bike saddles and have a neon red-orange color on one side and silver on the other side. Neon red-orange was chosen instead of classic red because it reflects twice as much light.

The magnetic version makes use of magnet so you can mount it on your clothes, bike bag, or on steel surfaces. This version might be the most useful of the three and likely to be the most popular.

However, Flectr could have just easily combined the three versions into one and offer different colors.

All types of Flectr Clip


  • Light
  • Highly reflective
  • Cheaper than lights
  • Easy to mount
  • Reflector won a few awards
  • Good reputation on Kickstarter


  • Could have combined the three designs into one
  • Reflectors need a source of light
  •  Quite expensive for reflectors


Flectr reflectors are award winning reflectors and they have a good reputation on Kickstarter. You shouldn't have to worry about them not delivering their products when the crowdfunding is over. The Flectr Clip is the company's 11th Kickstarter project! At €12 each or €20 for two, they're quite expensive for reflectors but they're very good reflectors and last a lifetime.

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