Fitbit Force – 24/7 Activity Tracker

Make every moment count and be the best you can be with an activity tracker that tracks your every move twenty-four hours a day. The Fitbit Force is designed to keep you motivated to keep moving during the day and tracks your sleep at night, waking you up with a silent vibrating alarm precisely when you want it to so that you'll wake peacefully without bothering your partner.

It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to sync to your smartphone (IOS and Android) so you can see the stats in real time. You can also set daily goals to keep you motivated and earn badges as you reach them. If you like, you can show off to your friends or challenge them.

Other Features
The Force is also a watch but you'll barely notice that it's there because of how light it feels. The screen is easy to see in direct sunlight – much better than Fitbit One screen. Works with plenty of fitness apps including Endomondo, Lose it!, MyFitnessPal, Tactio Health, MapMyRun and more. The Fitbit Force is said to be hard to get at this moment though so when you see it, get it.

It's not looking good for the Fitbit Force. After strong sales, some users started complaining of skin rashes when wearing the wristband. Even though it's only about 1.7% of users with the complaint, Fitbit announced a voluntary recall, citing concern for their customers. They've confirmed that “some users may be reacting to the nickel present in the surgical-grade stainless steel used in the device.” via Mashable

$129.95 when it was available.

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