Feel Lighter, Run Further: The Speedland GS:TAM Revolution

Innovative, High-Performance, Comfortable, Lightweight, Philanthropic

Ah, the lure of the open trail, the promise of an untamed adventure. That siren's call that propels us to stride forth into the wilderness. It's there that the real, visceral human experience lies, beyond the confines of our urban routine. When I think about this new trail runner that's been crafted, the Speedland GS:TAM, it's clear to me that it's a direct answer to that call.

Here's a shoe designed for people who listen to that call – who feel the tug of untamed earth beneath their feet and yearn to push their boundaries. Named after Mt. Tamalpais, a revered icon of Marin County, California, this marvel of a shoe brings the mountain to your feet. Crafted in collaboration with the athletic prowess of Dylan Bowman, the GS:TAM represents a true symbiosis between design and function.

The beaded Pebax® midsole, ah, here we find a truly remarkable innovation. Designed to deliver both cushioning and responsiveness, it's a pleasure to see the two blended so seamlessly in this exterior midsole. The clever chaps at Speedland also included a proprietary drop-in blend in the midsole for further refinement. And worry not, the GS:TAM has room for your custom insoles.

The PerformFit™ Wrap, activated by BOA® Fit System's multidirectional Li2, is just another testament to this shoe's meticulous craftsmanship. It adjusts to fit you like a glove, providing comfort while ensuring an optimal stride. A unique feature, indeed. The outsole, crafted from Michelin Fiber Lite, is a powerhouse performer – with 4.5mm lugs promising an unerring grip on any trail, however tricky.

I do appreciate the design aesthetics. From the spacer mesh upper with high-tenacity fibers to the orange color and blue accents that reflect Dylan's Boulder, CO origins and Broncos fandom, it's clear that each detail was considered with a discerning eye.

What excites me is the forward leap that GS:TAM represents from the previous PDX and HSV models. It's lighter, yet offers more midsole stack height, a key feature for long-distance comfort. It's an evolution, a progression that speaks volumes about the dedication of its creators.

What's more, each GS:TAM purchase means contributing to outdoor organizations chosen by the athletes. It's an initiative that shows Speedland's commitment, not just to its athletes, but to the beautiful, rugged landscapes that inspire their creations.

Priced at $275, the GS:TAM is not for the faint-hearted. It's a shoe designed for those of us who find joy in pushing our limits, who view every dawn as an invitation to a new adventure. So, if the call of the wild is whispering in your ear, the GS:TAM might just be the companion you've been waiting for. Be it the trail, the mountain, or the open road, let the GS:TAM lead the way.

Pros of the Speedland GS:TAM

  1. Enhanced Performance: The use of a 100% beaded Pebax® external midsole, proprietary drop-in midsole blend, and a Michelin Fiber Lite outsole with 4.5mm lugs gives the shoe superior grip, bounce, and comfort, thus enhancing overall performance on the trail.
  2. Comfort and Custom Fit: The PerformFit™ Wrap activated by BOA® Fit System's multidirectional Li2 dials ensures a snug, personalized fit for maximum comfort and minimal movement within the shoe.
  3. Lightweight Design: Despite adding more midsole stack height, the GS:TAM has managed to shed weight compared to its predecessors, making it ideal for long-distance trail running.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Its design pays homage to Dylan Bowman and his hometown colors, lending an emotional connection for fans, and the vibrant color scheme adds an aesthetic appeal.
  5. Environmental Contribution: Ten percent of all GS:TAM profits are donated to athletes' chosen outdoor organizations, promoting an eco-friendly and responsible culture.

Cons of the Speedland GS:TAM

  1. Price: At $275, the GS:TAM is a significant investment. While it's a high-quality product, the price point may deter budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Incompatibility with Custom Insoles: The GS:TAM isn't compatible with custom insoles, which could be a downside for individuals who need specific orthotic support.
  3. Niche Audience: The GS:TAM is designed primarily for long-distance trail runners. While it's excellent for this demographic, it may not meet the needs or preferences of casual runners or those seeking a multi-purpose athletic shoe.
  4. Availability of GearFlex Plates: The shoe is compatible with Carbitex GearFlex plates, but these are sold separately, adding to the overall cost if runners want to use this feature.


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