1Up 2″ Super Duty Single: Unleashing Robust Performance for Your Biking Adventures

Robust, versatile, easy-to-install bike rack

Picture yourself embarking on a journey, a trip beyond the city limits, a quest that seeks the raw thrill of a trail less traveled. Your two-wheeled stallion has got to come along, for it is an integral part of this pursuit. For such adventurous souls, the right gear can be as important as the journey itself. The 1Up 2″ Super Duty Single is an equipment designed just for these courageous hearts.

This is not your everyday bike rack. Its sturdy build, rated for a hefty 75 lbs. per bike spot, promises a reliable home for even the most formidable of bikes. The built-in anti-wobble mechanism ensures a snug fit, eliminating the distracting jingle-jangle you might face with inferior models.

Not to mention the versatility of the rack: accommodating wheels from 16” to 29”, up to 3.1” wide, and a wheelbase up to 54”. And if you think your wheels push the envelope further, the rack's design makes it compatible with a separate spacer kit. So, whether your bike is a nimble street cruiser or a rugged mountain maverick, rest assured it's in good hands.

This bike rack is the ultimate paradox, balancing robust strength with an uncanny ease of use. A swift 10-second installation process has you ready for the open road, thanks to the unique corner expander ball. It's an installation so seamless, you'd hardly break a sweat. What's more? It folds into a compact footprint, making storage a breeze. And it's not just your bike; the rack itself is built for the road, rated for off-road use, and even for RV and travel trailers.

But, what truly sets this bike rack apart is its expandability. You can increase your bike capacity up to three max with additional Add-Ons. That's a total carrying capacity of 225 lbs! A trip with friends or family suddenly looks more exhilarating, doesn't it?

Finally, let's talk aesthetics. All rack parts are anodized, giving it a sleek and professional look. But the icing on the cake is the trays' powder-coat finish, hinting at its ready-for-action nature.

At $430, you might think it's overkill. But trust me, as someone who understands the unfettered joy of hitting the open road or rough-housing through rugged terrains, the 1Up 2″ Super Duty Single is an investment in convenience, security, and most importantly, countless thrilling bike adventures.

And isn't that what life's all about? Taking the path less traveled, carving your own trail, and experiencing the world, one pedal stroke at a time? If so, the 1Up Super Duty Single is more than a bike rack—it's a partner for your bike, a companion for your journey, a testament to your adventurous spirit. Let's ride.


  1. Robust Build: The rack's solid construction and added support bar allow it to handle up to 75 lbs. per bike spot, making it ideal for more substantial bikes.
  2. Anti-Wobble Mechanism: The built-in feature ensures your bikes are secure and movement-free during transit, reducing risk of damage.
  3. Versatile Fit: It can accommodate a range of wheel sizes (16” – 29”), widths (up to 3.1”), and a wheelbase of up to 54”, allowing for a broad spectrum of bike types.
  4. Ease of Installation and Storage: With its unique corner expander ball, installation is a quick, 10-second process. The rapid tilt and folding mechanism make it easy to store when not in use.
  5. Expandability: You can add additional bikes (up to three in total) with separately sold Add-Ons, making it adaptable to group trips.
  6. Off-road and RV Use: The rack is rated for off-road and RV/travel trailer use, meaning it can handle more rugged travels.
  7. Aesthetic Appeal: Anodized parts and powder-coated trays give this rack a professional and sleek look.


  1. Cost: At $430, the price might be a deterring factor for casual bikers or those on a budget.
  2. Weight: At 28 lbs., this is not the lightest bike rack on the market. While this indicates solid build quality, it may be a downside for users with strength or mobility concerns.
  3. Additional Costs for Larger Tires and More Bikes: Tires wider than 3.1″ require a separately sold spacer kit, and increasing bike capacity also requires additional purchases, which can drive up the cost.
  4. Limited to 2” Receiver: It's only compatible with a 2″ receiver, limiting its universality for different vehicles.
  5. Rack Arms Don't Touch the Frame: While this prevents potential damage to the frame, it might result in less stability for certain bike models.


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