Explore More with the Power and Versatility of Honda XL750 TRANSALP

Versatile, Powerful, Adventurous, Stylish, Technologically-advanced

In my life, I've come across many marvels, some subtle, some unabashedly bold. The Honda XL750 Transalp, an adventurous concoction of science, engineering, and art, embodies the spirit of exploration. It's an embodiment of life's fullness, merging everyday functionality with a desire for freedom and a spirit of adventure that make the long days worth living.

The XL750 Transalp, reborn and ready to write new tales of exploration, appears in three compelling colours – the refreshing Ross White, the suave Mat Iridium Gray Metallic, and the timelessly versatile Mat Ballistic Black Metallic. Each one adds a different charm to this machine, mirroring the multifaceted personality of its rider.

What stands out is the bike's thoughtfully constructed, friendly and rugged design. It screams dependability and is poised, ever-ready for the urban sprawl or the unpredictability of winding country roads. The adventurous spirit is evident in the front area, designed with a sense of unity – the compact headlights ensure visibility and contribute to a fearless facial expression that matches the rider's spirit of adventure.

But, let's delve into what truly powers this beast. The newly developed 755 cc 270° crank in-line two-cylinder engine not only delivers potent power but also ensures easy everyday handling with its exciting sense of pulse. The high fuel pressure fuel pump and micronized injectors are a testament to this machine's sophistication, offering an exhilarating experience, particularly from around 7,000 rpm.

One feature I find quite intriguing is the switchable riding mode. With four modes designed to adapt to various conditions, the bike transforms into a trusted partner on any journey. It also caters to individual preference with an adjustable mode. This capability truly represents a freedom of choice that’s rare in this class of motorcycles.

The balance of stability and lightness in handling is impressive, achieved by an optimised structure and weight reduction in key parts. I see this bike as the epitome of a well-balanced ride – agile on the streets, stable on long journeys, and equally competent off-road. The bike's frame and rear suspension, designed for higher maneuverability and nimble performance, contribute to the comfort and ease of handling.

In a unique fusion of comfort and functionality, the 5.0″ TFT. full-colour LCD multi-information display, automatic turn signal canceller, and the emergency stop signal are features that speak of the designers’ care for rider safety and convenience. The Honda Smartphone Voice Control System is another splendid add-on, seamlessly blending the digital world with the physical for a holistic riding experience.

In summary, the Honda XL750 Transalp is more than just a bike. It's a lifestyle statement for the adventurous and freedom-loving spirit. It captures the essence of exploration and the joy of discovery. It’s been meticulously crafted with the modern-day explorer in mind, the one who, much like me, lives life on their own terms. From city streets to winding country roads, from mountain passes to unpaved trails – this machine asks a simple yet profound question: How far do you want to go?


  1. Versatile Performance: The XL750 TRANSALP is built to handle a wide range of conditions, from city streets to mountain passes, from paved roads to dirt trails. The blend of easy handling and comfortable touring performance on all types of roads makes it an all-rounder bike.
  2. Robust Engine: It features a newly developed 755cc 270° crank in-line two-cylinder engine, designed to offer manageable torque, an exciting high-rev feel, and lightweight power.
  3. Designed for Adventure: It has a sturdy, angular design coupled with a large fairing for wind protection and aerodynamic performance. This makes it not just an everyday bike, but one ready for adventure touring.
  4. Variety of Riding Modes: The Throttle By Wire (TBW) system offers five modes. This flexibility allows riders to customize their experience based on the conditions and their riding preferences.
  5. Comfortable Riding Position: The riding position offers freedom and comfort for long touring. The bike's design also allows for easy U-turns on narrow streets and forest roads.
  6. Modern Tech Features: It comes equipped with a 5.0″ TFT full-color LCD multi-information display, an automatic turn signal canceller, and the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System.


  1. Size and Weight: Despite the bike's many features, it's relatively large and heavy. This might be an issue for riders who prefer smaller, more compact bikes.
  2. Off-Road Limitations: While the bike is designed for both paved and unpaved roads, its off-road capabilities might not be on par with specialized off-road bikes. Riders who do a lot of off-roading might find it lacking in this area.
  3. Matte Finish Vulnerability: The matte finish on the bike, while sleek and stylish, can be prone to scratches and other types of cosmetic damage. Careful maintenance is required to keep the bike looking its best.
  4. Wind-resistant performance: While the bike does have a wind screen, its effectiveness can vary depending on the height and size of the rider. This could impact comfort during high-speed cruising.
  5. Availability of Color Variations: The bike is available in only three color variations. For some riders, this limited choice might be a downside.

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