Experience Unparalleled Control with IBIS HD6’s DW-Link Suspension

Versatile, Durable, High-Performance Bike

Like a finely aged spirit, the IBIS HD6 is something truly remarkable. It has the soul of a racehorse, the heart of a lion, and the agility of a ballet dancer. It's a chariot that thrives in the most challenging conditions, making it the perfect companion for those who live to break barriers, those who view mountains as stepping stones, and those who see the thrill in every rocky terrain.

The heart of the HD6 is its reengineered suspension layout. Bolstered by 180mm of front travel and 165mm at the back, it's designed to cruise over obstacles like a seasoned mariner navigating the seven seas. The 29” front wheel provides stability, while the 27.5” rear wheel brings maneuverability to the table. It's a perfect combination of elements, reminiscent of a carefully balanced recipe.

This enduro bike has a unique geometry, maintaining an impressive equilibrium between agility and stability. The 64-degree head tube angle, coupled with similar BB height to the Mojo HD5, allows for the kind of control that will have you feeling like a conductor leading a symphony.

A significant highlight of the HD6 is the mixed wheel size. It's like a perfectly tailored suit – it accommodates every rider, offering optimal control regardless of your body size. The seat tube angles get steeper with frame size increases, providing just the right position over the rear wheel, enhancing the sense of control.

The HD6 utilizes lightweight premium carbon to ensure the best performance without compromising strength or stiffness. The frame itself weighs in under 6 lbs, even while prepared for a serious enduro race, it weighs as little as 32 lbs. Like a featherweight boxer with a heavyweight punch, the HD6 is agile yet packs a serious punch.

This beauty is not just about performance; it also pays attention to detail. Internal cable routing ensures a tidy aesthetic, preserving the beauty of the carbon frame. A thick rubber down tube protector and chainstay protector shield the frame from debris and dampen chain slap noise. It's like an armored warrior, ready to take on the world.

As for the builds, whether it's the GX Build or the XX AXS Build, they offer a myriad of choices tailored to your specific needs. From the SRAM Code RSC 4 piston brakes to Shimano XT M8100 12 speed shift levers, each component is carefully selected for optimal performance. The builds range in price from $6,099 to $11,199, giving a range of options for different budgets.

In conclusion, the IBIS HD6 is a bike for those who dare to conquer, who seek thrills and aren't afraid to take the road less traveled. It's for those who see a mountain and think, “I can ride that.” So, if you are someone with a heart full of adventure, seeking a chariot worthy of your journey, the IBIS HD6 is the perfect partner. With a lifetime warranty, your investment is well protected – it's their promise that they'll fix it if it's their fault. Now, that's something I can toast to.


  1. Well-engineered Geometry: With its 64-degree head tube angle and mixed wheel size of 29″ in the front and 27.5″ in the back, it offers both stability and agility on the trails, making it well suited for both climbing and descending.
  2. Size Versatility: The bike comes in five different sizes, with seat tube angles adjusting for each size. This makes it easier for riders of all sizes to find a comfortable position and maintain optimal control over the bike.
  3. High-quality Suspension: The use of DW-Link suspension assures that the bike will remain efficient and smooth on climbs while providing excellent traction and control on descents. It's also coil shock compatible which allows for even greater ride tuning.
  4. Internal Cable Routing: This keeps the frame looking neat and clean while also reducing the chance of snagging a cable on the trail.
  5. Material Quality: The frame is constructed from premium carbon, which is lightweight yet strong and durable.
  6. Lifetime Warranty: This speaks to the manufacturer's confidence in their product, ensuring that you are protected against manufacturing and material defects.


  1. Price: Depending on the chosen build, the price of the IBIS HD6 can be quite steep, potentially making it less accessible for some riders.
  2. Complex Setup: The bike's numerous high-end features and adjustments may require a more complex setup, which could be a challenge for less experienced riders.
  3. Weight: While the frame itself is relatively light, the total build, depending on the components selected, might be heavy for some users, especially those looking for an ultra-lightweight enduro bike.
  4. Limited Color Choices: As of now, the bike is only available in Traffic Cone Orange, Enchanted Forest Green, or Lavender Haze. More options would be appreciated by those who place a high priority on aesthetics.
  5. Maintenance of High-End Components: While high-end components provide excellent performance, they can be more costly and time-consuming to maintain and replace as they wear out or break.

Starting $6,099

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