Experience Ultimate Freedom: The Rab Veil 6L Running Vest’s Body-Hugging, Bounce-Free Design

Featherweight vest for mountain adventures

Life’s an adventure, right? An unending dance on the razored edge of risk and reward. And sometimes, that dance takes us to the craggy, inhospitable expanses of the mountainous wilderness. That's where the Rab Veil 6L Running Vest proves its worth – a veritable utility belt of endurance, designed for the restless souls eager to conquer their next peak.

Weighing just 0.22kg (about half a pound for those of us who never got the hang of the metric system), this vest is a featherweight companion that leaves no room for burden, even when it's packed to capacity. Its 6-liter volume doesn't just hold a couple of soft flasks, a water bladder, and an emergency sandwich. No, it’s a testament to meticulous design, proving that space is not just about liters, but how you choose to use them.

The Veil 6 takes the concept of form-fitting gear to another level. The multi-directional Mono Mesh Chassis is the stuff of engineering marvel, designed to not just sit on you, but move with you. It contours to your body, reducing bounce as if you're a lone tango dancer swaying in rhythm to the silent beats of your own tempo. It offers the comfort of a second skin, yet delivers the robustness to carry your necessities, ensuring your vest feels worn, not carried.

Hydration – a must on any intrepid exploration – is also given due importance. A rear compartment for a 2L water bladder and two 500ml soft flasks means you're covered from a short jog to an epic mountain marathon.

If pockets were an art form, this vest would be the Louvre. From secure pockets for your keys and cards, to spacious ones for energy gels and snacks, everything you need is at your fingertips. And yes, there's even a spot for your poles when they're not needed. Because you never know when you might need to dig in and power up that last slope.

Notably, it's equipped with 100% fluorocarbon-free DWR, a clear nod to the ethos of leaving no trace. Adventure without compromise, that’s the spirit. Every gram counts, yes, but so does every footprint, or in this case, lack thereof.

The Rab Veil 6L Running Vest is more than just a gear. It's an emblem of human defiance against the limitations of the wilderness, the last bastion of civilization in the face of the unforgiving expanse. Yet, it manages to do all this while respecting the sanctity of our environment, reminding us that the mountains we conquer today should be left pristine for those who will seek their own victories tomorrow.

All in all, for the bold explorers willing to challenge not just the mountains, but also the limitations within, the Rab Veil 6L Running Vest is not just a piece of equipment; it's a catalyst for adventure. So, strap in, keep moving, and remember, the summit is just the beginning.


  1. Lightweight Design: Weighing only 0.22kg, it's barely noticeable, minimizing the burden during long runs or challenging climbs.
  2. Efficient Space Utilization: With its 6-liter capacity, there's plenty of room for hydration sources, snacks, and other essentials. The smart layout ensures that everything is within easy reach.
  3. Highly Adjustable Fit: The vest’s multi-directional Mono Mesh Chassis and fully adjustable sternum fit system ensures a snug, bounce-free fit, providing complete freedom of movement.
  4. Extensive Hydration Options: Includes two 500ml soft flasks and is also compatible with a 2L water bladder, keeping you well-hydrated during your adventure.
  5. Environmentally Conscious: The vest uses 100% fluorocarbon-free DWR, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.


  1. Price: At $150, the vest is a significant investment. It may be out of reach for casual runners or those on a tighter budget.
  2. Size Limitations: With chest sizes only ranging from 34″ to 44″, it may not fit all body types comfortably or effectively.
  3. Care and Maintenance: The lightweight material and complex construction may require more careful cleaning and maintenance than more robust vests or packs.
  4. Lack of Color Options: It's not mentioned whether there are color variations for this vest. Limited options may deter those who value aesthetic appeal alongside functionality.
  5. No Mention of Reflective Elements: For those who run during early mornings or late evenings, the absence of reflective components might be a safety concern.


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