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Advanced tech meets ultimate riding comfort

There are roads one rides, roads of asphalt, grit, and endless horizon, and then there are journeys we embark on, where every curve becomes a conversation and each straight stretch, a meditation. We carve our route across the terrain of life, breathing in the world through our visors, and feeling the hum of the earth beneath our tires. It is in the midst of such solitary voyages that we find a companion like none other – the Forcite MK1S. This helmet, my friend, is not just a protector of the head but a compatriot of the spirit.

As one who's no stranger to the dance between man and machine, I appreciate the delicate blend of functionality and innovation the MK1S offers. From its super-lightweight carbon fiber construction to the nifty navigation aids, this Australian wonder has been designed to provide a seamless riding experience.

Wear it once, and you'll feel the difference. The helmet’s 3-D foam cheek pads, chin curtain, and neck roll form a perfectly snug seal around the crown of your noggin. It's like sinking your head into a cloud – comfortable yet secure. Its embedded Harmon-Kardon speakers bring the magic of music right into your ears without causing any pressure points, a common issue with other helmet audio systems.

Although its ventilation system is commendable and practical for defogging and cooling, it does allow some wind noise at high speeds. But that's the price we sometimes pay for comfort, isn't it?

Navigating the urban jungle or the open road is a breeze, thanks to the Here navigation system employed by the MK1S. It guides you with unerring accuracy, using voice prompts and flashing light bars to ensure you never miss a turn. But alas, unlike some other helmets out there, this one doesn’t support rider-to-rider comms. However, for the solo traveler or the everyday commuter, this might not be a major drawback.

The Forcite MK1S does house an in-built 1080p camera – no, it's not GoPro level, but it gets the job done. It's not as tweakable or as flexible as a separate action cam, but it offers a rather convenient, hands-free way to document your ride. The camera’s retrieval process could be smoother, and it’s not yet optimized for instant social media sharing. But isn’t the road less traveled often less shared, anyway?

Now, if there's one thing that slightly tarnishes the MK1S's shine, it's the limited battery life. Less than two hours per charge isn't exactly a marathon, especially for long-haul travelers. Yet, for the casual or urban rider, this might not be a significant obstacle.

Among the most pleasing aspects of this helmet are its form and function. The shell, made of T-400 carbon fiber, is both lightweight and strong, weighing in at a paltry 3.3 – 3.7 pounds. The newly designed interior liner with 3D formed foam and premium sweat wick materials make the helmet cozy even for extended rides.

The MK1S meets all the US Department of Transportation standards, proving its excellence in safety engineering. It comes with a quick-release visor mechanism, a locking switch, and the visor is Pinlock Max Vision 120 ready, the highest grade available.

The smart functionality of the MK1S is truly a game-changer, making this helmet more than just a safety device. It transforms your ride, allowing you to foresee the future with real-time alerts and navigation, enhance the present with crisp audio and voice controls, and relive the past with the integrated camera.

To sum it up, the Forcite MK1S is a testament to modern engineering and rider-centric design. It may have its quirks and shortcomings, but it certainly offers an immersive and safe ride, which, at the end of the day, is what we all yearn for. After all, the journey is not about the destination but the ride, and with MK1S, the ride just gets better.


  1. Comfort and Design: Crafted with super-lightweight carbon fiber and an interior liner with 3D formed foam, the Forcite MK1S helmet is designed for extreme comfort, perfect fit, and minimal noise. This helmet provides a near perfect seal around your head, ensuring a comfortable ride.
  2. Technology: The helmet incorporates state-of-the-art technology such as an inbuilt camera that shoots at 1080p hi-def, 60fps, and integrated Harmon-Kardon speakers. Furthermore, the helmet offers phone pairing and allows the use of Google and Apple assistants.
  3. Navigation and Safety: The turn-by-turn navigation feature uses the Here navigation system, and a unique light bar that flashes during turns. Plus, it can warn you about upcoming speed cameras or road hazards, enhancing safety.
  4. Built-In Audio System: The built-in Harmon Kardon speakers offer excellent audio quality without creating pressure points around your ears – a common issue with non-integrated systems.
  5. Ventilation: The helmet features six ventilation ports that help in defogging and keeping your head cooler, which is especially beneficial during long rides or hot days.
  6. Aerodynamics and Safety: Meeting the U.S. Department of Transportation standard, the helmet offers an improved, more aerodynamic profile, contributing to a smoother and safer ride.


  1. Limited Rider-to-Rider Communication: The helmet lacks the ability to emulate Cardo and Sena's rider-to-rider communication technology, which can limit your communication options during group rides.
  2. Limited Camera Functionality: The camera quality is not up to the standard of a GoPro with restricted field of view, no stabilization, and only two capture options, either 1080p at 30fps or 60fps.
  3. Data Transfer Issues: The transfer of video footage from the helmet to a phone requires a corded connection and the in-app editing options are limited.
  4. Noise: Although the ventilation system is effective, it allows a fair bit of wind noise penetration at high speeds, which could become a distraction during your ride.
  5. Battery Life: The battery life is less than two hours per charge, which might not be sufficient for long rides or multiple shorter rides in a day without recharging.
  6. Limited Social Media Integration: As of now, there is no way to instantly share the captured footage to social media through the Forcite app.
  7. Platform Compatibility: The helmet's app pairing operation is reported to be easier on Android than on iOS, potentially causing some inconvenience for Apple users.


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