Exped ULTRA 1R DUO: Redefining Comfort in Adventure Sleep Systems

Ultra-light, comfortable, dual, eco-friendly mat

Take a moment and consider the beauty of the open road. Imagine yourself under the expansive night sky, a glimmering tapestry of constellations arching overhead. Beneath you, cushioning you from the cool, unyielding earth, is your trusty partner in this grand adventure – the Exped ULTRA 1R DUO.

You're not the kind to be confined by the four walls of a conventional hotel. You long for that glorious fusion of challenge and discovery, the allure of the path less trodden. In your pursuit of such authentic experiences, this ultra-packable, feather-light sleeping mat proves to be a vital companion.

Tailored for two, the Exped ULTRA 1R DUO's genius is in its lightweight design without sacrificing comfort, making it a loyal ally for the intrepid explorers and adventurous couples among you. You could be backpacking through dense forests, bikepacking across rolling hills, or tackling high alpinism. Wherever your journey takes you, this mat has your back.

Built from 20 D ripstop face fabric – three times stronger and enviably eco-friendly – the mat comes with EXPED's cutting-edge AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY™, providing the comfort you need after a day spent challenging yourself against nature's trials. The 7 cm thick air cushioning – arranged from head to toe – offers a level of support that, I dare say, rivals your bed back home.

It's the little things that make a difference on the road less travelled. This mat has them in abundance. Two independent, side-by-side air chambers allow for customized firmness for each sleeper, a perfect feature for those of us with discerning preferences. Exped's unique comfort cradle side rails secure you to the mat, preventing those middle-of-the-night slide-offs.

The schnozzel pumpbag included ensures quick, moisture-free mat inflation and doubles as a waterproof compression bag. Talk about a multifunctional lifesaver when you're miles from the nearest shelter! The product's tapered design, meanwhile, reduces bulk and makes packing a breeze.

In this age of environmental consciousness, the mat's carbon neutrality is a win. Knowing that your adventurous spirit doesn't contribute to the world's carbon footprint? Priceless.

Bottom line? The Exped ULTRA 1R DUO is not merely a piece of gear. It's a commitment to comfort and sustainability, an investment in unforgettable experiences, and a promise of unbroken sleep under the stars. Because, after all, what good is an adventure if you're not well-rested for the next day's discoveries?


  1. Lightweight and Compact: This mat is designed with human-powered adventures in mind, making it an excellent choice for backpacking, bikepacking, and alpinism. Its weight and compact size are definite bonuses for any traveler.
  2. Comfortable: With the AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY™ and 7 cm thick air cushion, the Exped ULTRA 1R DUO is engineered for comfort. The head-to-toe air chambers give comprehensive support, promising a good night's sleep.
  3. Accommodates Two: This mat is designed for two sleepers with individual firmness adjustments, making it an excellent choice for couples or friends on a shared adventure.
  4. Durable: The use of recycled 20D ripstop polyester, which is three times stronger, ensures durability, adding value over time.
  5. Eco-friendly: Not only is the mat made from recycled materials, but it's also carbon-neutral, appealing to environmentally conscious travelers.
  6. Inclusive Extras: The mat comes with a schnozzel pumpbag for quick and moisture-free inflation, as well as a repair kit for potential emergencies.


  1. Insulation: The mat is primarily designed for summer and fair weather use. Therefore, it may not provide sufficient insulation in colder temperatures (R-Value: 1.3 and minimum temperature 10° C / 50° F).
  2. Cost: Priced at $269.95, it is not the most affordable option. This could be a potential downside for budget-conscious adventurers.
  3. Size: While its dimensions offer a generous sleeping surface, it might be too large for solo travelers or those with smaller tents.
  4. Inflation/Deflation Time: Though it comes with a schnozzel pumpbag for rapid inflation, the time it takes to inflate or deflate might still be longer compared to self-inflating mats.

In summary, the Exped ULTRA 1R DUO offers significant advantages in terms of comfort, durability, and environmental friendliness. However, potential buyers should be mindful of the cost, insulation limitations for colder weather, and potential size and inflation time considerations.


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