Evoc Commute A.I.R. Pro 18 Airbag deploying backpack for cycling

You still need to wear a helmet

This life-saver in a pack, the Evoc Commute A.I.R. Pro 18, is every city cyclist's dream companion. Like an invisible guardian angel, it promises to have your back – literally and metaphorically – on bustling city streets, narrow alleyways, and unexpected hard stops.

Imagine this: you're cycling, and there's a sudden impact. In less than the blink of an eye, an airbag inflates to shield your neck, shoulders, collarbones, and chest. The magic number is 0.2 seconds, and it's all thanks to a sensor that monitors the backpack's position over a thousand times per second. It’s an ingenious collaboration between Evoc and Minerva-AS GmbH, making it the first of its kind to have an integrated airbag in a cycling backpack.

But this pack isn't just about reactive safety. The Commute A.I.R. Pro 18 also places a high emphasis on proactive safety with its reflective prints and glow-in-the-dark cargo straps, heightening your visibility in traffic.

Despite its hi-tech safety features, Evoc hasn't skimped on comfort or convenience. It boasts of an Airo Flex hip belt that balances sturdiness and flexibility. This isn’t just a backpack; it's a well-fitted suit of armor that adjusts to your movements and promotes optimum load transfer.

Moreover, the design provides a continuous flow of air through a vertical channel, ensuring sweat doesn't chill your kidney area – a thoughtful feature for those arduous urban rides.

Everyday practicality? It's got that covered too. From its padded laptop compartment with easy access to its array of handy compartments for your phone, glasses, keys and more. This is not just a pack for your belongings; it's an organizer for your daily life.

While it doesn’t offer head protection like Hovding and Stan In & Motion’s systems, this backpack clearly supplements those systems by providing additional body coverage. So, remember to always wear your helmet.

As for the eco-conscious among us, it's worth noting the backpack is crafted from recycled polyester, silently voicing Evoc’s concern for sustainability.

From the reflective safety features to the integrated airbag system, the Commute A.I.R Pro 18 sets a new benchmark for cycling backpacks. Whether you're a seasoned cycle commuter, an urban bike enthusiast, or just a safety-conscious rider, this backpack is for you.

I find the concept revolutionary, a beacon of innovation where safety meets practicality. A compelling choice for anyone who values their well-being as much as their time on two wheels. With the Commute A.I.R. Pro 18, you're not just traveling with your essentials; you're wearing a commitment to safety and comfort. And that, in my opinion, is well worth the investment.


  1. Innovative Airbag System: The backpack's primary advantage is its sensor-controlled airbag system. Developed in conjunction with Minerva-AS GmbH, the system inflates in under 0.2 seconds upon detecting a fall or impact, offering crucial protection to your neck, shoulders, collarbones, and chest.
  2. Back Protection: It features an integrated Liteshield Plus back protector, providing an additional layer of safety. This flexible, lightweight, and temperature-insensitive back protector offers superior protection to the spine, especially in the event of a fall.
  3. Comfort and Fit: The Airo Flex hip belt ensures excellent load transfer to the hips with simultaneous maximum ventilation, resulting in high carrying comfort even during strenuous rides.
  4. Practical and User-friendly: With 18 liters of packing volume and compartments designed for laptops, phones, glasses, and other small items, the backpack doubles as a practical daily carry bag.
  5. Eco-Friendly: The backpack is made from recycled polyester, aligning with sustainable production practices.
  6. Visibility and Safety: The inclusion of reflective prints and glow-in-the-dark cargo straps increases the rider's visibility in traffic, contributing to their overall safety.
  7. Durability: The A.I.R Pro 18, crafted from robust materials, offers long-lasting durability, an essential aspect for regular commuting.


  1. Price: Retailing at €990, the backpack might be considered expensive by some. It's a significant investment that may not fit into everyone's budget.
  2. No Head Protection: Unlike the Hovding and Stan In & Motion systems, the Commute A.I.R Pro 18 does not offer head protection. Users must still invest in a quality helmet for complete safety.
  3. Maintenance: The airbag system requires regular software updates via a smartphone app. Plus, after a fall, the system needs to be checked for damage and may require a new inflator. These aspects could add to the overall cost and effort of maintaining the backpack.
  4. Weight: The inclusion of safety systems like the airbag and the back protector may add to the weight of the backpack. For long commutes, this might be an issue for some riders.
  5. Limited Temperature Range: The airbag system is effective within a temperature range of 0 °C to +40 °C, which could limit its usability in extreme weather conditions.
  6. Battery Life: The backpack requires charging with a 32-hour battery life. For those on longer trips or without regular access to charging facilities, this could pose a problem.


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